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Not finished with my current project but this one keeps whispering in my ear....

I'm sure I can handle this one as a side project, with a staggering part count of... 36!

Simple curbside kit but the body looks fabulous, the tires are surprisingly good and the decals look to be in good shape.

If possible I'd like to do something better with the wheels and the very visible velocity stacks. However the credit card is still in embargo so I'll see what can be done with spares.


Chaparral wip1.jpg

Chaparral wip2.jpg

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12 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

If you are going to use the old decals I have found the hard way that it is best to spray them with a fixative or copy them onto new plain white decal paper.  Looking forward to your progress.

Thanks. They are a 2004 release and look good but you never know.

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Can't wait to see this one, Pierre! I read your introductory post and saw that you wanted to do something with the stacks. I posted mine here a couple of years ago if you want to take a look at what I did. I bought an assortment of electrical ferrules. I removed the molded on kit stacks and replaced them with the appropriate sized ferrule. I hope this helps. Good luck on your Chaparral!

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On 2/20/2023 at 5:08 AM, Pierre Rivard said:

I was gonna do it without the oil cooler but you leave me no choice. So much pressure. Dave & Steve plz post close up pics of your oil cooler solution....might as well copy from the masters!


The reference photo above is the best one I could find of the cooler, so I just made my best guess. I used a parts box cooler (old NASCAR style) and folded up a little cover. I'll try to get you a better pic later when I get a moment. 

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Here are a couple of closer shots of what I did with the cooler. A lot of guesswork here, as there are only a few historic photos that show it. Keep in mind that the cooler was apparently a last minute addition and that the 2D only existed in this configuration for one race. I figured my guess was as good as any and that most likely no one is going to dispute it, right?

526 Chaparral 2D oil cooler etc

266 Chaparral 2D oil cooler etc

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16 hours ago, RancheroSteve said:

Another detail that's easy and cheap to improve is the rear wing actuator. Here's a shot of a different Chaparral, but the principle is the same.

Chaparral 2A003

Got it, thank you Steve. Plans for a basic , no change OOB build are fading away...


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