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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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still looking great! so I take it someone found a photo of the loud pedal inside the Snake's Vega? there's so many different types to choose from, most custom fab'd....looks incredible.....on some of these build being done here on this forum, it's almost a shame to build them, rather, seems fit to display it as an exploded view or a project car on the shop floor and chassis jigs....so much detail, and only revealed when someone truly takes the time to turn it over and over, and then only if they have seen the model kits, and what actually has been fabricated versus pulled off the tree and used....amazing stuff....

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Bill.... You are right I forgot the toes on this thing :lol: . Thanks Man!!

Jim... Thank you, I have some more work that I will be doing to it here shortly tonight. So stay tuned ;) .

Bart....Thanks Buddy.... You know it is funny how we can spend so much time on little parts like that for the detail and end up making it a few times. I must of done at least 3 of them and a few of the extra pieces too...lol. You are right that it is time consuming but well worth it when done.

Charlie... Thanks man... You know I haven't thought too much about adding a little weathering to the model... hmmm. It's something to think about but I may leave it as a fresh restoration ;) . I am sure having the pedal weathered ever so slightly would look great though.

Richard.... Thanks man on the pedal. I have to give Credit to Dave (Comp1839) he showed me an idea since I couldn't find any reference pics of the pedal to this car. So I decided to roll with what I was shown and am happy with it so far.

Kevin.... Thanks man. No I wasn't able to find the exact pedal to the car but Dave was nice enough to let me know what would work. You know I have thought of making what I would call a shadow box and on a few of the scratch built parts creating another and having it displayed in a little box next to the build So you could kind of display them separately . My girlfriend suggested making extra ones and doing the box idea and thought it was cool. We will see if I actually do it.... :lol:

Rom.... You are so right about when we get one part done we are that much closer to to finishing it right. Thanks man! B)

Alright everyone, I am off to hit the bench and do some more work on this pedal and the mounting brackets for it. I should have an update in a little bit.... give a few hours....LOL :lol:B)

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C'mon already.......it's been a few hours hasn't it........................................... :lol: :D

Chris, great work on that pedal assembly man......looks darn kool. B)

Been enjoying this build the whole way mate.....even giving me ideas of trying my hand at one......some day. ;)

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As promised... I have a few pics to show my progress from tonight. Another night where it didn't feel like I made much progress but it was progress. I will let the pics do the talking now... :lol:

So I started out tonight by taking the pedal off the pivot bracket and marked up how I wanted to cut the pedal out:


After I marked the pedal up, I worked on this for what seemed like an hour and half drilling,cutting, filing and sanding. but I got a pattern in the pedal:


Once I had the pedal to where I liked it I moved on to making part of the mounting tabs that will get glued to the chassis that the Pedal assembly will mount to, Here is a pic of all of the parts so far. The piece you see on the right still needs holes drilled and the tab to be shaped:


This last pic is just trying to get you a visual of what it will look like with how the pedal assembly will sit on the mounts:


Until tomorrow.... I will get more of this done. I need to work on the toe clip rods around the pedal and get the tabs finished and glued to the chassis.... Stay Tuned B)

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Thanks Darryl and Joe!

I tinkered a little more tonight on this gas pedal and made a little more progress. Tomorrow I should be able to finish it up. but I am considering redoing the actual pedal. so we shall see what I do lol I still have one more tab to make and then the toe clips. Then it should be good to go. Here is where I got tonight. I apologize about the pictures being a little crappy tonight, the camera didn't quite focus as nice as I would have liked.

I started out tonight by getting the tab with the double holes in it drilled and shaped up. Then I messed with placement and how I was going to keep it in place while I glued it. There is one more tab I will make tomorrow and it will attach to the cross tube:



Then I had to place the gas pedal mounting plate on the tabs and insert the bolts:


Here I added the pedal in place and put the transmission in to get a feel how it all would look together:


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Brad... Thanks buddy. Hoping to have more progress to show later

Scott... Thanks man. Its making me feel good that I am so close to having some primer on this chassis

Richard... Thanks man. I am thinking I am going to make another pedal and change the design up just a tad

Off to go work on this build in a few

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Hello All.... Got some more progress pics to show you. I messed around tonight with designing another gas pedal and getting another tab done for the mounting bracket.

Here I started out with cutting pieces to make the pedal:


I was using rulers as guides to keeping this straight when I glued them together:



Adding in the inner details of the pedals:


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Here is the new pedal design on the left and the old one on the right. The new one is made up of 13 pieces:



I added the last mounting tab for the gas pedal base. I still need to transfer drill the hole for the bolt:


Here are some 1/16th scale goodies I got in the mail today from Charlie:


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