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  1. I think that's the first time I've ever seen the car let alone a model built of it. Gotta say....that is a well built and painted model of a car rarely seen.
  2. Awww man.....now that is cool!!! I'm waiting for the Chevy II station wagon/ Chevy II drag car combo to come back out.
  3. Now that's a cool little build. Nicely done Dave!!
  4. Great looking car and good color!!!
  5. Great color and awesome look!!
  6. Now wouldja just loogathat! How cool is this??!! A Charger with a slant six in it........AWESOME!! This right here is hardly ever seen in the modeling world. Great work on a one of a kind car Gareth!
  7. Haven't seen you around in a while here. Hope to see you back soon Kev.
  8. Just about any Charger build is gonna catch my eye and then you go and throw the General Lee into the mix and it gets a little better. Very well done Jason.
  9. I really REALLY don't even know where to start in congratulating you on a job well done Marcin. It's been a truly great experience following you through these build ups and spectacular paintings. You sir....are to be commended for these efforts.
  10. Gotcha!! Glad you got that sorted out. NOW ...I took the time to read that Tom helped you out. lol
  11. Sweeeet!!! Awesome weathering!!!
  12. That does indeed help those springs out some. I've done the same thing in the past but started winding my own springs out of wire wound around the threads of an automotive trim panel retaining screw.
  13. Lookin' good John! I got a chance to see a 54 Skyliner at Dicks classic car museum in San Marcos before it closed down. Never even knew they existed before that and thought it was a very interesting vehicle. The fact that it had a glass panel in the hood made it even more interesting.
  14. I'm always down for an E body build.
  15. Thanks Dave!! I'll give that a shot with the oil filter. Couldn't remember what side of the engine the filter was on but that's what I get for not checking out references. lol Thanks Keith. I'll be going with the fastback version on this. I had a coupe in real life but always wanted a fastback so I'll be doing a 1:1 "what if" with same size wheels & tires all the way around.
  16. Some good detailing on that engine.
  17. I started out on the engine in which I like how the basic engine layout is done. A one piece engine block with a separate oil pan which is a good thing because there is less of a seam line going down the middle of the bellhousing, oil pan and down the front of the engine between the intake manifold and timing cover. In the foreground you'll see the two parts that I just CANNOT use. This aint no P-51 Mustang so out goes the four bladed prop and I'm still trying to figure out just what in the hell they were thinking in regards to the carburetor. Man..........c'mon Round 2. The distributor is als
  18. Thanks for following along good buddy Carl. I'm not sure. I built the AMT GT500 one time and it's pretty much the same kit with a big block in it but can't remember how tough that one was to fit in there. Thanks Lee!! Glad to have you on board. I built one of these back in 03 and the wheel tire offering in the kit wasn't all that. Tires were a wonky size and the car just sat weird. The tires that are in this kit are of different (and appealing at that) size with stamped white lettering on them so that's already a plus. Thanks Joe! Glad to have you along as well.
  19. Thanks Rusty. Glad to have had you along for the ride. Lots of good conversation. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the good word and you're gonna love that story. White 3 will be showing up towards the last part of the book. Really thankful for your supportive comments Tony. I'd recommend this kit to anyone that wanted to build a 262. The book......well.....you'll love it. Thank ya Larry!!! 'Preciate you stoppin' in man.
  20. Truly remarkable aircraft and this one's a beautiful example. Thanks for sharing that.
  21. Saw the build up but missed the finish. Truly awesome work Dave and I enjoyed following along.
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