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  1. Saw the build up but missed the finish. Truly awesome work Dave and I enjoyed following along.
  2. Good LORD that looks good!! I've got this kit in the stash and seeing this build makes me want to bust out with it now. Spectacular work on this car.
  3. Yes it is true that I've got another Maverick build in the works but I just couldn't help myself when I saw AMT/ Round 2 come out with their newest re-pop of an old fave of mine. After this whole 262 build I've just about made my mind up that the next kit I'll be taking on will be the latest release of AMT's '67 Mustang by Round 2. The kit has alot going for it in the fact that there's updated decals, cleaner molds and pad printed tires. and I managed to get a small PE fret for it as well.. I've been wanting to build one of these anyhow since I owned 3 different '67's . My last one w
  4. I like where you're headed with this one. Stance and the overall look is nice n' aggressive.
  5. When I saw this topic I was wondering where you were gonna go with it and you're doing a swell job of it. Glad to see another GL in the works. When I built mine I lowered it a bit (which isn't "correct") but enjoyed every minute of it much like you're doing here. Lookin' good so far Jason.
  6. Thank you Don and thanks for following. I've got a Mustang build I'll be doing and I've given strong thought to building a Mistel. I'll have to build a display case just for that one though. lol 'Preciate that Gerald!!
  7. Folks...this one is now finished. I took today off to wrap it all up. Thank you to all who peeked in on and for all of the supportive and encouraging comments along the way.
  8. I've been wanting to build this aircraft for a very long time and have had two in my stash. I really wished I wouldn't have gotten rid of my Dragon Me-262A-1a Nachtjager version but this Tamiya A-1 kit was a good kit to build. I had set out to build Franz Stigler's plane from JV-44 late in the war. I read Adam Makos' book , A Higher Call several years ago and he was one of the main people that the story centered around. Long story short....he was going to shoot down a severely shot up B-17 and decided to lead them out of Germany instead. Afterwards he was assigned to JV-44 (pretty much Germany
  9. Man I've gotta hand to ya.....that is indeed some creative work. Well done bud.
  10. Dang it man!!! That......................looks bad a$$!!!! Very cool work Dan.
  11. Thanks Rusty. We're going over to provide a meal for his family tonight and to check in on them. And yessir....you're right. It reminds us of what's REALLY important in this life.
  12. That's a good lookin' Sherman Gerald!! I've always liked the looks of this track and have learned alot about them in the last few years. The book Spearhead by Adam Makos shed alot of good as well as alot of bad light on them. Great book if you ever get the chance to read it.....but then again....anything from Adam Makos is a good read.
  13. Man that is really coming together nicely Marcos!!! Exceptional work potna!
  14. I've been trying to make somewhat of a comeback as of late. Hobby time has been divided up into time spent on my bathroom renovation project as well as other household projects in addition to time spent on our vehicles. Then.....pretty much out of the blue this past week a very good friend of mine, Tommy Flournoy, had been in the hospital back and forth from the ICU to a step down room over the course of the last few months with lung issues that Covid had left him with. This is a guy who never got sick, never been to the hospital or even to the doctor for any concerns. He was doing alright
  15. I'd like to thank you guys as well. This is a great forum and is my "go-to" place for tips, techniques and to learn from some of the greatest builders not to mention the all around good folks that are on this forum. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make this forum such a great place to visit.
  16. Good ol' Tamiya build and it turned out great Albert!!! Love the color and details.
  17. Thanks Francis! I am looking forward to getting this one done. May do another aircraft in the near future as I'm feeling a little more comfortable in my own skin with painting these days.
  18. That turned out perfect Francis. Sometimes there's just no option but to go upwards with the mods as there just aint no room to go lower. lol . Very nicely done pal.
  19. Been a bit since I've been in here. Lots happening here at home these days. LOTS!!! This will most likely be my last update till she's finished which aint all that far away. Still got the canopy to paint and install, gun bay panels to open up, aerial antennae and last little details to install. She's now on her feet.
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