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  1. No problem Jerry. Sourcing those decals should be fairly easy to do.
  2. Man this is looking GREAT!!! Very nicely done on that paint. Doncha just love this modern age of technology that allows us to put cool stuff like that front wheel you've got on there. Nice!!!
  3. This thing just keeps getting better and better every time I see it.
  4. Honestly Jerry, while there are some really good paints to use for bare aluminum these days I'd stick with camo for now so you can get the feel for building aircraft again. I was always pretty partial to the G variant as it just looked bad a$$. I've recently ventured back into the aircraft realm myself after switching to cars 7 years ago and am having a really good time with it. Looking forward to your build. If you need anything input wise lemme know and I'll do my best to help you out, Joe
  5. You guys and these figures just blow my mind. Great job on this so far Dave. One day I'd like to try my hand at one. Actually I'd like to try a few and then tackle a Mad Max figure.
  6. Got the topside colors on and was hoping for a little better definition on the mottle pattern. I might come back over it with some more over the weekend. Disregard the hard demarcation line between the upper and lower colors on the gun bay doors as that one piece panel is temporarily in place while the paint work is going on. I'll be going with the opened up panel piece after all that's done. Here we are as of now.
  7. This turned out really good GB! Being a big Maverick/ Comet fan I am SO wanting a Comet kit to add to my Maverick kit stash and this is a good inspiration to build one of these. The one thing that I don't really care for on Jo-Han kits is the lack of any shock towers but hey....you did a great job with what you had. Two thumbs up bud. 👍👍
  8. Good lookin' Mustang Scott!
  9. You guys, you guys , you guys! Folks like you and Francis are really bringin' out the big guns with these builds of yours. Pure awesomeness.
  10. Really on a roll with this one now Francis. That rear diff and suspension are lookin' mighty spiffy. Very good attention to detail and fantastic fabrication work brother.
  11. Yessiree. You'll see what I'm talking about in this update buddy. 'Preciate you stoppin' in Tim. So far it hasn't kicked my tail yet. Alright gang, I got a very light coat RLM 76 (light blue) applied to the bottom of the aircraft as of yesterday morning.
  12. Amazing paint work goin on here. Gloss job on that paint looks flawless!
  13. It's good to see another update on this Simon as I look forward to every one of 'em. Nice choice on the softer lighting.
  14. mustang1989


    Man I haven't seen THAT kit in years!!! Very well built and detailed.
  15. And that's how it's done right there folks! OMG I don't think there's anything that I don't like about this build. I mean....it's all there. Great paint, fantastic detailing and just an all around good lookin' build. Way to go John.
  16. Real good shine and good details on this one RRR. Love the color
  17. Thanks Pete. It took me a while to get a method that "worked" for me. Those are very nicely wound & uniform coils you've got on that spring Bill. Great method man.
  18. Sorry about the late reply John. Thanks a million for the great comment buddy.
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