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  1. Since we got into other dimensions, I believe that we still know very little of about the universe which surrounds us. I also suspect that our brains are incapable of comprehending the actual composition of the universe.  I also suspect that partially because of that our brains do something to compensate, but that would be crossing the line into religion, so I won't continue.

  2. I too use an apron , but I just use push pins along the bottom to hold it to the work bench and leave it there , just slip the top over my head whenever I sit down.

    When I'm sanding or filing parts the shavings go in the apron.  With Velcro I can unhook it from the bench while wearing it, hold it up and and then dump all the shavings in the trash container.

  3. Sorry for how I'm sure this is gonna sound...

      Is this all just about time and the general lack of patience... or, is there a real genuine advantage to using this process? Is it all about the paint... I realize that most fillers dry fairly quickly to begin with - so is there any advantage there?

      Seriously, not trying to be or sound like an a** or anything... It's just that my schedule often allows me a week or two at a time before I get back to my bench - so if it's purely just a time thing... ... ...

    To me the reduced wait time is important.  Not just for car bodies but for some small parts which require multiple colors and multiple masking operations. I also think that it makes the paint finish harder than when just  drying at room temperature. I don't just use it for drying paint - I dry the parts after washing them, I cure resin parts in it (again they set quicker and harder). I also often use it to warm up the container with paint stripper with the parts immersed in it (to make the stripping solution more aggressive).

    So I guess it all depends on your building techniques.

  4. You could replace the 12V wall-wart with a standard 9V transistor radio battery. (does anybody still call these batteries "transistor radio batteries"?). :D  But  the bulbs will glow a bit dimmer (9V is less than 12V) and the battery has a fairly small capacity so it won't last very long. How long? I can't tell without knowing how much current the bulbs would be consuming at 9V.

    Another possibility woudl be to get a battery holder which holds 8 AA cells. That gives 12V and the capacity of AA batteries is much greated than the 9V battery so that woudl give you full brightness for much longer time than when using a 9V battery.

    You could also get yourself a surplus 12V rechargeable gel-cell lead-acid battery.  Something like this one .  It would probably power your lights for couple of days on a single charge.  But you need to have a charger for it (standard car battery charger will work well, or get a dedicated charged like this ).  But you need to be careful with this type of battery because if you accidentally short it out it can supply enough current to heat up the shorting piece of wire (possibly to the point of melting or burning the insulation).

    Another alternative is to replace the light bulbs with white-color LEDs (light Emitting Diodes). They are bright, don't heat up, and use very little current. Those you could easily power from that 9V battery for hours.  But they are a bit more complex to hook up properly. If you do this Google search you'll find lots of helpful information on how to hook up LED

  5. Thank you for the write up. I am suprised that the seller can generate tracking numbers before the physically takes the item to the P.O.

    Then i would say Ebay have many honest sellers,still have in favour of being scammed on there. I have seen people getting angry at sellers

    in the feedback section where they have bought model-kit parts and assumed it to be 1:1 real car parts :D

    That is how these services work and have been that way since the capability of printing shipping labels from home was introduced.  Not just for eBay. There is nothing sinister about it.

    Since the label is printed through the USPS website, that action is recorded in the tracking info. If the recipient looks at the tracking for that package at that time, it doesn't say that the item was shipped but just that the shipping information was received by USPS. The person generating the label also has a capability to print it couple of days in advance.  The next tracking update will be when the label is actually scanned by the clerk or mail carrier who physically receives the package. That again updates the tracking info stating that the package was accepted by the post office.  Then as the package goes through various parts of its journey the tracking info is appropriately updated.  USPS is not as good in updatign the status with all of the intermediate steps as is FedEx or UPS, but the tracking info is still acceptable.

  6. I use an old jeweler's and watch-maker's trick where I wear an apron with Velcro sawn-in on the bottom edge, and pieces of Velcro mounted under my workbench.  When I sit down down to work at my workbench I attach the apron under the table. That way all the parts I drop end up in the apron. No need to look for them on the floor - just pick them up from the apron. When I need to get up I just unhook the Velcro.

  7. I thought I was the only person who got a kick out of Are You Being Served. As for old movies...... Sci Fi and war movies.

    No way - there are lots of Americans enjoying Brit-humor.  I also like One Foot In The Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, Fawlty Towers and of course Monty Python among others.

  8. I prefer USPS Priority Mail. It is tracked (although not really well) but good enough for eBay and PayPal. It is quicker than UPS ground and price is comparable.

    Most of my eBay purchases comes  through Priority Mail.  I haven't sold anything on eBay for a while now but back when I was selling you could print shipping label right from eBay or PayPal (using the funds received from the buyer, then just drop it in the mail or have it picked up by mail carrier.   Shipping costs have gone up steadily and it is just part of the transaction. Even if the model was sold for $5, you can expect to pay more for shipping.  That is normal. You can offer free shipping but they you have to price your items accordingly (not to lose you shirt on them). I have never tried the free shipping option while selling.  Make sure to offer combined shipping costs - that will bring buyers buying multiple items which you can ship in one package.  Everybody makes out on that.

  9. Wow Tom, you brought a 2-year-old thread back to life!


    My user name is the nickname I had for years.  A combination of my first and last names.  Avatar is a random photos I took at one of the car shows. It is hard to see in such a small zise but it is a photo of some Rat-Rod's engine at the show with a bottle of Jack Daniels used as a coolant overflow tank.  I just thought it was a nice touch.

  10. I hate when folks insist on going through the "fast" checkout line at the store with way more items than what's posted on the sign right above their heads. The sign said 15 items or less . . .

    Speaking of that, I had a double-take yesterday while at a local supermarket.  The sign stated: 15 ITEMS OR FEWER!  After all these years someone finally used the proper grammar!

  11. I can't really add anything else that has not already been said here, but I'll reiterate that the attitude is very important.  Your body has healing powers and it can do wonderful things. I don't know you very well, but from what I've seen you seem to have a positive attitude. If you can, keep thinking positive thoughts.


    All of the platers out there specifically state that they will not guarantee the finish of resin parts.

    I'm sure that there is a reason for that disclaimer.

    Yeah, they are just covering their a$$.  Because they don't want customers to complain about the quality, even though it was really the un-plated resin part which was inferior resulting in poor finish.  With few exceptions, resin parts are imperfect. Like it was said, not perfectly smooth surface (uneven or with pinholes) and often not perfectly cleaned - some of the mold release agent is still on the parts.  That is how I see it.

  13. I sent a pair of resin '61 Olds bumpers to Kustom Khrome with my last batch.

    While they turned out "ok", they were no where near the quality of the styrene parts.



    Were they prepped (cleaned) properly?  Was their surface as smooth as equivalent plastic parts would be?  What were the specifics of the problem?  Vacuum-metalizing will not hide any flaws. It will actually make the flaws more apparent.

  14. My 1st PC for work, back in '91, had the big floppy drives for backups.  The next one a year later had the 3.5 types.  MS DOS though,  no way was I able to get at the info stored.

    My first computer used a standard portable cassette player to store programs. :)  It also came with 1k of memory, and an 8-bit 4MHz processor!  Memory was expandable to 64k!  Screen resolution was 256x192 pixels (monochrome) using regular TV set for a monitor.  That was Sinclair ZX81 (which I bought as a kit and put it together myself). B)  I added a dedicated thermal paper printer and a 300 baud modem. I used to call BBSs and I could read the words faster than the modem received them. Later I added on an aftermarket dual 5.25" floppy drive. Single-Sided/Single-Density.  Then I built a full-size keyboard and light pen for it which actually worked!  Those were fun times where you could fully understand the inner-workings of your computer.  I learned BASIC and Z80 machine languages on it.

    Here is a British ad for it (I got mine in US).



  15. While all the detailed explanations and opinions are very good, how about a very simple explanation: Show Quality in models is like Show Quality in real cars.  If the real or model car is worth of being entered (and be competitive) in a show, I would consider it Show Quality.  That is not to say that if the vehicle (model or real) is not up to show quality, it can still be entered in the show. But it most likely will not win any trophies.  But as long as the owner (of the real car or model) had fun building it then that is the most important consideration.

    As far as Harry P's models go, those would be in yet another category:  Concourse Quality models! :)

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