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  1. I've been on eBay again this week. I got to stop doing that! Several new die casts in. Here's one that came in yesterday. I had a little fun with Photoshop.
  2. Thanks, yall. I hope to do another diorama soon. I moved to a much smaller home and don't have the room for those large ones anymore.
  3. Thanks, yall. I hope to finish this one up this weekend. I've got another project planned for that other wrecker back there. Only problem is, the stake bed is too long, and the work body bed is too short!
  4. Shambles


    LOL... I remember one time when Dale Earnhart's crew chief radioed him and said, "We need a caution." Dale replied, "I'm working on it."
  5. Hi Jim. Yes, I live in the Villages and there are lots of car clubs. There is a cruise-in car show every third Saturday at Spanish Springs square. I took my '71 454 Corvette to a few of 'em before I sold it last spring. I had reservations about selling it, but I'm too old to crawl around working on it and wanted to get some remodeling done on my house.
  6. Shambles


    Bret got loose in turn 2 and smacked the inside wall. Took Todd out too....
  7. Well, I screwed this one up. I wanted to sand off the lower side trim and scribe the doors but it went awry. The original door lines were just too shallow for my old, shaky hands and watery eyes, and I got off track in a few places. When I tried sanding out my mistakes, it just made it worse. I primed and painted it to see if I could cover up my screw ups, then just said the hell with it. Stripped the paint and decided to build a wrecked version. I'm going to start this project over with that kit in the bag there, an old Tournament of Thrills model.
  8. Amazing work! Can I rent that upstairs apartment?
  9. I may have posted some of photos of this diorama I did a couple of years ago. Last year, I accidentlly erased my hard drive and lost a lot of photos. I've been coming across a few that were saved in various places. Here's a couple I just found.
  10. Started doing some weathering last night. I'm kinda rusty (pun intended) at weathering, so this may take a while. I decided to go with the Gopher Racing Mason/Dixon decals, at least for now.
  11. Nice work, Geoff. I wish I could get better with airbrushing. Using the rattle cans is a hit-or-miss. Do you airbrush the primer too? I've never primed the little parts since it requires tedious scraping away of the enamel paint or primer to get the glue to adhere. Is there a secret I don't know about for gluing together painted parts?
  12. Keep us posted. Huge Corvette enthusiast here!
  13. Love the OLD Nascars. I'm working a couple myself but ain't got them up on my site yet.
  14. Interesting concept. I'm not into drifting but have seen some on TV and it seems to be all small tuners. Wonder how a big American muscle car would do!
  15. No box, needs a good cleaning, but otherwise in good condition. Got it for a pretty good price on eBay.
  16. Man! That's some beautiful work. Back then, a jacked up front was hot. I know. I was a teen back then.
  17. Outstanding work, Tom. Keep us posted.
  18. Outstanding. Love the engine bay detail! I can't see well enough to do that anymore.
  19. Yeah, I'll have to get by making decals the old fashion way until something affordable is available. I've never used Corel, but people who did/do seem happy with it. I stared out with Macromedia Freehand, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. (and Quark for page layout and pre-press) but had to switch over to Adobe when they bought Macromedia. Now, they've stopped supporting Fireworks and Muse so I'm using Sparkle for my websites and Illustrator and Photoshop for everything else.
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