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  1. Dayum that one looks really good ! Nice work . Be Well Gator
  2. Yes it was. those old trucks were really cool as far as I am concerned.
  3. Ken , Great looking truck and dozer ! Nice work on both of them . Be Well Gator
  4. Well done ! Great looking truck and gravel bucket . That trailer kit lends itself to many different configurations , for different areas of the country. Be Well Gator
  5. Brian , Nice work on that one ! I remember trucks like that from when I was young . Be Well Gator
  6. Alex, Nice work on that one ! I like the color you chose . Looking real good from over here ! Be Well Gator
  7. Gary , No that is a very interesting group of models. Most impressive to me. The truck ! Good work . Be Well Gator
  8. Great subject matter, and some really good fabrication . Works for me ! Be Well Gator
  9. Steve, Those two trucks , look to be top shelf candidates from over here ! Nice work on both of them . Be Well Gator
  10. Brian , Once again your skill and craftsmanship are evident when looking at these models . fantastic work on some interesting trucks . Be Well Gator
  11. Really nice looking dozer ! The aftermarket parts do make a huge difference . AS for aftermarket vendors being slow to ship. You might want to consider . That for many of them . Making model parts is not their main job ! And that sometimes we all have to learn how to plan ahead . And not expect to place an order. Expecting it to show up over night Be Well Gator
  12. Warren , That is one heck of a suspension you have on that ! I like it . Be Well Gator
  13. Brian , As I expected you did a mighty fine job on this one ! Be Well Gator
  14. Johnny , Now that the chassis is on on it's wheels. It looks really good from over here . Nice work ! Be Well Gator
  15. Steve, I like your color choice. It looks good from here . This is one of my favorite model trucks. looks to me like you will do it justice ! Be Well Gator
  16. Bob , I like the work you done already. Not sure I would add to it with the top chop ? But I am curious to see how you finish this one out. Be Well Gator
  17. Charles, that is some very impressive work on the chassis ! i like what I see . Be Well Gator
  18. Seth , that is a nice kit. But not without the old AMT problems . Old molds etc . But it can be built up real nice with a bit of care ! Be Well Gator
  19. Pat , I like what you've done thus far . It all looks good from here ! Be Well Gator
  20. Jeff , You have that looking pretty good. I am looking forward to see how far you take the weathering . Be Well Gator
  21. Terry, Great vehicle choice . i have seen a few of those adapted to civil work . Didn't really see them in Nam as I was up north near the Z . Be Well Gator
  22. Steve, Nice work on this project. I like your fabrication on the added fuel tanks 1 very nice . Be Well Gator
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