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  1. Its perfect Mark (still needs a heat shield for the alternator though) lol
  2. Very nice paint. And the wheels and stagger look awesome.
  3. Everything is gorgeous Mark. I think you will need a heat shield for the alternator from the muffler. Sitting a red light idling with no air flow through the alt... it might overheat and melt the windings or the regulator. lol.
  4. I bought a few parts from that guy several years back. He was always the south end of a north bound horse to me. Desperation will sometime make you do business with people wouldn't want to admit you even know.
  5. Great job. I think this kit isn't near as bad as its been made out to be.
  6. I don't think this kit is as bad as its reputation. The worst part of the kit is the wheels and tires. If you use some from the parts box it transforms the kit. The kit wheels and tires have terrible detail. And Molotow chrome sprayed with an airbrush is one of the best things to happen to our hobby.
  7. Looks like Snoop Dogg and a some of his friends are in that car.
  8. Great job, you had to have some BIG BALL bearings to drive that baby.
  9. Nice work, I just picked this kit up myself. You give me some good reference. Thanks!
  10. Gorgeous, too bad you have the front wheels on the back and vice versa.
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