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  1. Here is my Gremlin street freak all finished except the license plate. (I'll do that tomorrow) Here is a quick run down of the build:Chassis-Scratchbuilt front frame section.-Smoothed chassis pan/gas tank removed-Scratchbuilt ladder bars-Rear springs from 1933 Willys gasser-Ford 9" rear end from the 1962 tbird kit-Front axle from 1933 Willys gasser-Scenes Unlimited Brake backer plates-Scenes Unlimited 5 slot mags-Competition Resin rear slicks-Competition Resin front wheels and tires-All chrome is Alclad, no kit chrome remains Engine-Blueprinter parts pack Hemi engine-Scratchbuilt intake man
  2. Here is a project ive been working on for a while. Using the Gremlin X kit, and the 1933 Willys Gasser kit as the main donors. The main idea was a wild chromed out gasser show car. Something from the late 70's early 80's show car circuit. Name = Gizmo Color Scheme = Bright Green with Purple Windows and Accents, Chrome Everything Interior = Metal Flake Silver Vinyl with Diamond Pleats Engine = Early 392 Hemi with Hilborn Injection Overall Look = Wild. Here is the progess so far: First thing was to lop off the factory front end and make some new frame rails. I made these the correct width to
  3. Got this a few days ago. Acme 1/18 Big John Mazmanian 41 Willys. Waited a long time for a high detail 1/18.
  4. Working on a project this is one of my Dad's Cars does anyone know where I could find a set of black finned aluminum "WIEAND" valve covers like in the engine picture?
  5. AzTom

    41 Willys

    This is my next project now that I'm finally getting my shop back together. 1/18 scale diecast 41 Willys. This is going to be a simple repaint and some small detailing.
  6. Here is my 65 Chevy II Nova, red riding hood gasser nova built from the rat pack nova,
  7. My first drag car in a while. Box stock, except for some additional engine parts and better wheels. Built to match the box art hope you like it
  8. My favorite Hot Wheels car as a kid was the '36 Ford NEET STREETER. The look of that chopped 3W coupe all jacked up gasser-style was pure attitude. I wanted a "quick" project to finish for an upcoming contest, so I grabbed an AMT '36 Ford, a Malco '33 Willys, and started putting things together: That 427 Cammer is going to be a tight fit. Notching the X-member got me an extra 3/32" of setback, which may allow the blower drive to clear the radiator. Originally, I was trying to find a Miss Deal to use as a chassis/suspension donor. If I come up on one, that still could happen.
  9. This is my first post on the forum and my latest finished build. I call this build "Rat named Henry". It is the Revell 51 Henry J Gasser. It is rusty dusty and crusty. All of the detail parts used on the interior and motor are all from Pro Tech. Thanks for looking and I hope you guys like the build. Paul
  10. Here is a 58 FC Holden,GMH was 1 of aussies first major car manufacturing company's Any ways Would you class this as a Gasser!It does have nose bleed,If i add some stacks out the hood and and a moon tank maybe??I might get into trouble as this got moved to the pick up section when i first posted it... I think this is where it should be though.Your thoughts? .
  11. Hey guys, I've been looking at different builds on here for nearly a year now so I suppose it's about time I posted something! I bought a Revell Willys kit a while ago and started it a few weeks ago but I haven't really got any build photos. This is where I'm at so far... As you can see this build is far from finished but the hard work is done. Not sure weather to add decals yet, I might add a couple. Also, as I carry on with this and future builds, I'll get some build photos and post them on the forum. The header looks so low with the
  12. Hi all, here is my 65 Ford Falcon Gasser I just finished, wired an plumbed out, had a rough time. Someone started it an trashed the body, but, I think I pulled it out ok, ran fuel lines from Moon tank thru grill, plug an dist wires, clean sleak inside, thanks for looking. I'm doing the k.c. spurlock fruit of the loom funny car now, did the deep red car, looks like ox blood red. Post a few pics later,
  13. Just finished building this '57 Chevy "barn find" vintage gasser. You can get all the details and more photos on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/57_chevy_barn_find_gasser_page.html
  14. Here is the 63 gasser vette I been.working on, removed the gas tank and exhaust sys, also.cut out the front molded in A frame, and bars, going to use a Springer type, interrior is started and 427 wired and ready to drop in, will post a few more later. Thanks guys,
  15. Does anyone make correct wrinkle wall slicks sitting at rest, not with the wrinkles up the sidewall under torque? What I'm looking for is wrinkle wall slicks with the pronounced "pooch" at the bottom portion, wrinkle below the bottom of the rim. If you look at wrinkle wall slicks at rest you will notice that they only wrinkle up the sidewall when hooked up under power. At rest they have a pooch resembling a slick that could use some more air.
  16. Here is the OHIO George 33 Gassed I just finished, it is close too the box car with some wiring and a few other things. I did change the color a bit, I feel it came out decent, working on the Green Elephant f/c now,
  17. I want to be able to turn any model into a gasser. Where do I start? Also, how do I set up the axles, suspension etc? Do I take the suspension from existing gasser kits?
  18. I want to build a 2 door post 1955 Chevy old school late 1960's gasser and need some advice. I bought the AMT 2 door post kit and for the body. It looks pretty good. I was slightly disappointed by the front large under bumper pan. I plan to leave the front bumper off and the lip on the pan is, in my option, way to thick and deep. I figure I can message it. The frame/pan will not work however because it has a muffler and exhaust molded in. I bought a Monogram 1955 hard top street machine hoping that frame would work, but it too had mufflers and exhaust molded in. That is that back gro
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