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Found 15 results

  1. I'm curious, does anyone know if stock Model A rims and tires from another kit fit either the Monogram or Revell 1931 Model A Sedan Kits? I'm hoping to replicate my grandfathers sedan which was totally stock. Thanks, TR
  2. So, I lurk here... a lot. I've been busy creating CAD files over the past year to create this 1/10th scale lakes modified roadster. You might ask why 1/10th scale...well, the math to scale is really easy. Take a 1:1 measurement and divide by 10...WAY easier than figuring 1/8 scale...LOL. Anyway, I know to finish the parts would take a ton of sanding, but the idea is just to create an "art" style piece, embracing the bobbles resulting from printing. Think pixel art... the dots make the overall picture. I've had fun creating it so far... I'm working on the suspension parts now and
  3. I gave one teaser shot with my 2018 end of the year report, as I finished it up that afternoon. I did make some final adjustments on New Year's Day. I originally wanted to finish this one for my birthday in September, as I hit a certain milestone. It was not to be, so I took my time and enjoyed the build. This one started out as an original issue, parts kit that someone had started. I found it along with an original '62 Nova convertible kit on some obscure sales site on the Internet. I bought both kits for $22 plus postage. The lady selling it emailed me that she couldn't sell them b
  4. I have been participating in the 24 Hour Build since 2013. There are years I finished, years I came close and years that I crashed and burned! Not ashamed to say it! This year I was successful! As board members will note, I've been on this Monogram Model A trip recently. So why not add vehicle number four? That had me choosing the Woody Wagon. And so it goes.... Early on I decided this wagon was a packing crate on wheels. This photo is a pregame taped mockup done early in the week to gain knowledge about how the kit assembles and get some inspiration. I had been burned in the past
  5. Two of the most popular cars ever hot rodded, which is YOUR choice ? We're not voting kits here, just the vehicles.
  6. The very beginnings of a first attempt at using spare parts to build a 29 Ford lakes roadster from the 40's ish. Criticism is welcome. This is a first try at piecing together a whole car from different model kits. I plan to channel the body and I have a model t style short pickup bed that'll hide the rear end.
  7. Here's my latest project, a Revell Model A coupe. I Z-ed the front of the frame and increased the Z in the rear just a little to lower it. Otherwise OOB build. Nice kit. The rear whitewall decals are wider than I like, but they'll do fine. I just found out the blower belt is upside down (mistake in the instructions), but I'm not changing it now. Comments welcome!
  8. Seeing as my employer, Honeywell Aerospace, has seen fit to give the entire corporation a seven day furlough , I think it's a good time for a week-long build. And since the new Revell '30 Model A is just begging to be violated , it's gonna be my victim. So far the build plans are thus. Channeled version, no question. Install a Chevy straight six from the AMT '51 Chevy. The dual carb manifold will be modified to handle a four-barrel carb, and the centrifugal supercharger from the new Revell '57 Fords will added. I'll likely scratch build a header. To get the Chevy to fit will require a new tran
  9. This creation represents an Argentinian-market Ford Model A Phaeton (four-door convertible) that had been been modified at some point in its career into a pickup, as was common there. Mine is a composite of several I've come across on various vehicle sales sites. Condition of vehicles in those listings vary from nice restorations to rusted out hulks. Mine is somewhere in the middle. This project is a combination of Revell "Rat Rod" pickup and AMT woodie/pickup kits. Because of the mix, some components came out a bit less than straight and true, such as the front axle. It would appear that cars
  10. I got sucked into the hype and bought the new Revell 29 Roadster. The kit is extremely nice, except for the shocks. I couldn't bring myself to use them, so I had to make new ones. The nice thing is that it is fairly easy to separate the shock caps from the body. I didn't intent to do a tutorial, so some pictures are lacking, I apologize. Meh Bought a styrene rod/tube combo pack from Evergreen First I measured the lengths of the kit shocks so I know where I would need to be when done with the new ones. Choppy Choppy. i used a PE saw to carefully separate the caps from the bodies.
  11. I hadn't posted my year yet because I am working on my 1960 Plymouth airport limo as this year's Amnesty Project. I am working diligently on it but it is nowhere near finished to make it for this year, so it will be my first finish of the new year. Again, I've gotten into this project beyond my original thoughts, but I wouldn't have it any other way! So here is how my year went: The year started out on an up note. I finished my 20 year project, the Volare Messenger Car as my 2014 Amnesty Project. I originally thought I'd slam it together just to get it on the shelf. Even thought about jus
  12. I used my 40% off coupon at two locations in the north Phoenix area, got one at each location. I haven't seen them at Michaels yet or I would have gotten them for 50% off.
  13. Built this one basically box stock with the exception of the '34 grille and windshield frame. Just have to let the rust do it's thing for a bit longer and install the finishing touches...
  14. I have been looking at doing some cars based on 50's to '60's style Hot Rods lately. I found a cool looking '30 Model A chopped coupe in a recent issue of from fall 2014 Rod & Culture that is a funky but rich green color. After reading and re-reading the article gleaning as much as possible about the build, I realized the car was from a car building TV show on cable. I haven't had cable TV in over five years now so I missed it. So Google being my friend and I found pictures and some more info about the car online. At first I was going to build a sorta, kinda looks like the car but now that
  15. I just wanted a share a couple of pictures with you guys. I've seen lots of cool stuff in this section and I think this is worth sharing. It is a '31 Ford Model A from Finland, with an original steel body that has been chopped 4,5" and channeled 4". The frame is also modified to make it lower. The engine is an Early Hemi with six chromed Stromberg carbs. Those pipes are Loud! Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH0K2my3H4I There are more cars I can post, too if anyone is interested in seeing more of these from Finland.
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