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Turbo 4cyl Cuda - DONE!! 3/21


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Thanks mike!   Ill have to drill for those valve stems once I strip the chrome. I always forget about those.

Cleaned this all up last night, and got the upper control arms mounted... just need shocks and CV Shafts now.. more lathe work in my future!   Styrene Rod coming today so i can start on all the tube work.


Rear end mounted and driveshaft made.



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Thanks gene!  

Making some progress... Front half of the frame and cage is pretty well roughed out..  Still need to add a couple bars, gussets, mounts and plates.   Seats are just for position only at this point, I have a set of the clearly scale SRT seats on the way. 

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 Thank you Rich Bob and Bill.

Great fab work! Are you using heat? What source do you use?

Thanks James!  That is actually an interesting story.. I'm not using heat, I am using a different type of styrene rod than just typical evergreen.  I get this stuff off eBay:


I stumbled on this on accident, it bends and holds its shape without heat.. The only downfall is, it doesn't glue well with normal styrene glue (I only use CA on it), and sometimes the pieces are not uniform in diameter from end to end.  I have purchased this 120 piece assortment, and recently purchased just 120 pieces of the .080 in a custom auction from him.   The diameter thing is a bit of a bummer, but once you are aware of it, you can pick and choose pieces so its not much of an issue.

I am a really big fan of this stuff, I have never had much luck using heat. 

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Thanks guys!     I knocked out the lip/spoiler/wing last night... Balances it out nicely I think.

My goal was to have all of the fabrication work done today... Not 100% there, but im not too far off..   Exhaust hole, Radiator mounting, some interior/engine details yet to go.

Hopefully I can start slinging paint here soon:

Quick mockup, its looking very nasty:


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Man this thing is perfect. Lots of inspiring stuff...and I just bought the styrene assortment you linked too :)



Thank you!   and Outstanding!   Just keep it separate from your other stock and keep an eye on that diameter issue. 

Nothings worse than grabbing a piece of it, and it being tapered or the glue not working. I think its a decent price for what you get as well.

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