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Turbo 4cyl Cuda - DONE!! 3/21


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Thanks Mike!  

I'm still finishing up all the loose ends of fabrication on this bad boy..  Hoping to start slinging paint here pretty soon, the engine is about ready.

Got some primer on the body and realized those flares didnt hug the body as nice as I expected:

So after numerous attempts to fix them in different ways. I just decided to mold them in. This wasn't my first choice, but now that I see it, I like it better :

In the downtime of the bodywork, I worked out the Radiator shrouding and mounting. Sourced a starter and throttlebody from an AMT Viper parts kit:

The same Viper kit sacrificed its half shafts (just test fit, they will sit properly):


I picked up a Crazy Modeler Ferrari FXX detail set, basically just for the seat belts, tow hook and thinking I could use the other pieces somewhere eventually. The quality of the etching is very very very nice (arguably the nicest I have seen) . I couldn't not use those woven mesh panels so I used my cutter to recreate some of the belly panels. The front one will have the mesh inserts to let some engine compartment heat out, and not let gravel in during off track excursions;):







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Thank you guys!... A little weekend update, I think I am 2 sway-bars and a chassis filler panel away from pulling this thing all apart and starting final cleanup and painting!  Woohoo! :)

I tackled the intercooler piping which was intense... but turned out pretty good.

Then more fun lathe time making the rear coilovers and the front struts:

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man this is stunning !!!! the coilovers are nom nom nom

oh and i like the weel arches way more now that they are molded onto the body , really nice ... before it kind of got that import feel with the flares with bolts .. now it really looks way more musscle racecar

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Thanks guys, I cant wait for color either!

would you consider a NACA duct on the hood instead of the scoop currently in place?

I like that idea, but its ready for paint now... it would have made carbon fiber decal-ing the hood much easier than what I have in store for me currently... oh well.. haha

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Finally a big update with some color... I was on vacation the beginning of this week, and actually managed to get a lot done, although i didnt take as many photos as usual. But you will get the idea.

First up was the wheels, stripped the chrome centers, painted the rims with tamiya transparent blue over the raw aluminum:

Then got some basecoat on the body, Tamiya neutral gray with a custom white pearl dullcoat:

and then some urethane clear!:

Chassis got hit with some bright blue nailpolish and upol rattle can clear (bright i know, but its mostly covered):

Paint-a-palooza 2016:



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Now bring on the carbon fiber!  the scale motorsports 1/24 scale twill weave on pewter to be exact, I usually hate decals, but i enjoyed working with these for the most part. Used almost an entire sheet on this car:

Chassis Pan


Intake Plenum


Diffuser :wacko:


Then onto some engine assembly:



and the whole thing.. minus belts and throttle linkage (the only kit parts here are the throttlebody, alternator, starter and transmission)




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