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Turbo 4cyl Cuda - DONE!! 3/21


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I'll brutally honest. the style/ subject matter isn't my usual cup of tea.

But,,,WOW, I like it, all of it , from the color choices to  the overall look. But especially the uniqueness of the turbo 4 cyl is just plain cool .


well done

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Great design and killer execution. I'm in love with the exhaust/wastegate cutout on the fender, the color scheme, the bellypan, use of carbon fiber decals, and generally awesome stuff all 'round.

All 3 of those cudas in the lineup shot are gorgeous.

Yours and exesivefire's builds remind me of the work of Aaron Beck:





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Thanks for the interest guys... added another piece of technology to the shop tonight.. A silhouette portrait cutter.. Technically made for scrap-booking, however our model railroading friends have been using them to cut styrene.   I'm still getting the hang of it, but my first little pieces came out nice and are far better than i could achive by hand.  I am able to draw parts in autocad or illustrator and then send it to cutter.  I have tried .020 and .010 so far with some success...

For my first try with this i made some chassis supports, the c5r has a plate chassis and the cuda will not, so i needed something to bridge those gaps.  Here are the parts drawn in Illustrator


Load up raw sheet material and cut


Remove and clean up parts (these didn't cut all the way through, so it was more like a score and snap)


Parts assembled.. this is two layers of .010 glued together


and setting on the chassis..


so far I'm happy with this purchase.. lots of ideas on how to use this thing on this and other future projects.



yes I likr the cut outs I am looking to get gutter soon buy do u thing a cricket will do the same lol wifes got one

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That Silhouette Portrait Cutter sure would have come in handy when I was attempting to replicate this!...........


That's about perfect for doing the trunk and under hood bracing that's on most cars. I'd certainly get the symmetry down much better, and it would save me a whoooole lotta work! :D

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