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Liberty Walk - Nissan GTR

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Hey Guys

Been working on this one for awhile, Its a Tamiya R35 GTR with Eightyone's LB Widebody kit. Ive also used Eightyones Brixton 21" wheels, although the tires where rubbish 19" tires stretched over the 21" wheels, So I replaced them with C1 Models 20" tires instead, much better looking & heaps wider!.
Other Mods include converting the intake to HKS GT800 spec, Seibon Carbon Bonnet & Carbon rearseat delete. Transkit came with Bride (?) seats & I also changed the exhaust to a resin MCR exhaust from A+ club.
Colour is Interference Violet clearcoat powder over R35 Midnight Purple. Had a few issues with this but ended up not too bad.
Reasonably happy with the result. Let me know what you think! I used Need For Speed to modify to what I wanted then built it.
Heres what I started with

& the Result. (changed a few things along the way, but more or less similar to my NFS car)

The colour really changes depending on what type of light is around, heres a pic under halogens


Hanging out with the rest of the R35 Clan

Hanging with my other LB build, one more to come too!

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.


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Looks good ! I see you have a city turbo hiding back there.

Cheers! I Do indeed, it was a fun little quick build, the wheels on it are awesome!!

Actually pretty sad story about those cool little cars, some Australian company had brought all of them from the 1 make race series, & they were all sitting at the port waiting to be put on the ship to Aussie when the Japan Tsunami happened a few years ago, the whole lot were destroyed! ( if my memory serves me correctly from a few years ago)


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i like it a lot!
your reference car has the wide body kit painted in body color, but i think using semi-gloss black or carbon fibre decals would rock even more.
here's a sample of what i mean:

Cheers, Yeah I did seriously consider this, I had seen a GTR built with Matte Carbon fenders & thought that was pretty cool. Still considering doing that to the Audi R8 LB works I want to get.

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It turned out really nice,  giving my Huracan some competition for the contest ;)

Cheers! lol, yeah that part seams to have been forgotten about. But i guess when only 6-7 people actually finish before the dealine & in only 2 of the prize catergories, its hard to determine a winner...

Loved your Huracan!!! 

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That's really cool!  I got to see a real liberty walk R35 here in Oklahoma at Coffee and Cars meet.IMG_20161001_084112270.thumb.jpg.8cf6b57

Oh man I'd love to see one of these in the flesh, & thats one of the better ones too! & the one I based mine off of!

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Absolutely love the colour, is the interference violet powder from the parts box? I have all of their powder but Im yet to give them a try!

Hey Mate

Yip thats the one, Ive also got their Interference Blue, & I tried the silver dust but it just didnt look that great.

Keen to try some fo the other colours, I also see that MrHobby have a paint range of these too in liquid form. MrCrystal, theres a few extra colours I might have to pickup


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