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Nissan 240ZG Fairlady (1/24 scale by Fujimi)


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Hi folks,

earlier this year, I have spent quite some time on doing this, so I'd like to show the results...

As you may know this kit comes with a fully detailed 6-cylinder engine, but, for whatever reasons, with the bonnet closed.

So it took some cutting to open the bonnet in order to be able to create the engine bay.

I also opened the trunk door which made it necessary to make a simple opening mechanism (made from Evergreen material) and to modify the glass parts, using transparent plastic sheet material.

I also decided to give the model a little touch by using tiny metal rivets in the fender widening.

So here we go, I hope you like it:



















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Thanks for you kind words, folks!


14 hours ago, Italianhorses said:

Great choice of wheels too!

Not really much of a choice, Alex... The standard wheels included in the kit look like... I don't know... soup plates or something... :wacko::


Fortunately, this has been the later (2015) edition of the kit, in which Fujimi were reasonable enough to include those extra 15" Watanabe rims and fitting tyres. So all it took was a little bit of lowering the body...


20 hours ago, espo said:

Was the rear hatch fixed or open when you got it ?

No, the hatch is closed in the kit but has been opened by me. Once I got the taste for cutting body parts open, there was no stopping me... :angry:B) I did some anthracite-colored flocking on the rear interior part and made a partial black cover for the area below the hatch aswell.


9 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Das ist SEHR Wunderbar!!!!….Ich lieben es!!

Das ist nett von dir, dankeschön! :lol:


14 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

I’d love to know what orange you used.

This is simply Tamiya TS 12 sprayed from the can and polished to a glossy, but "natural" finish. No clear coat has been applied!





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Thanks again, folks.


17 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

This is the kit I have yet to build...


That's a nice one, too, Dann. A friend of mine just did this kit. What's good about it is that the fender flares come as separate parts, not molded to the body like with my (ZG) kit...

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12 hours ago, cruz said:

Very nice, I have this kit, just wish I had the time to build it.....

Thanks, Marcos... I'm glad you like it. Yes, time is what it takes with this kit. Detailing the engine bay and making the SB parts fit in such a way that they look half-way realistic was the main challenge for me...

Btw, may I say I admire you builds and your panel lines technique especially? A few years ago you showed some fabulous builds on a German forum so your name rang a bell...

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