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Lola T-70 Mk III


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I pulled this kit from my stash on May 5, 2019; the night we got home from the GSL show. 

1997 reissue of the 1970 Tamiya kit.  It's been patiently waiting for 22 years in my stash to be built.

I've been researching, planning and figuring all month.  (Actually I was scheming a couple days before in case I didn't find a dream deal on another Caterham kit during the show/trip.)

It will be built as a street car T-70 replica with some modern upgrades. 




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I started by cleaning up the tub and main body panels. 

Lots of filling and sanding to remove the twenty ¼ inch diameter ejection pin marks in the tub alone and general parting lines.  But still a nicely molded kit considering its age.




The insides of the body also needed to be addressed for the same issues.


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Converting the steering rack over to left-hand drive.  Part of the framework had to be cut and other areas filled for the track of the rack to slide and everything to be "flipped".  Then a new gear for the rack had to be created since the teeth were backwards.  The ejection pin holes were filled and new mounting holes for the pedal set were drilled too.





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The cowl also had to be modified for LHD.




In Progress:



Styrene was used as filler in some places; in other places the kit plastic was cut and reused.

The rivets were cut off and drilled out.

Since this car will only have one master cylinder the reservoirs for the dual set were shaved off.

The underside had to be modified as well so the steering would work properly and everything would fit.

Aluminum rivets…  Hand cut, filed and installed (some of them).





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You are off to a good start with this Lola, Mark.... I can see there are a lot of modifications going on already, even at this early stage. So you dived into this 1:12 Tamiya kit immediately after the GSL show, and the kit has waited 22 years for you to build it...... you have my interest.


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The rear bulkhead.  It doesn't fit very well or positively so it needs to be fastened to the tub in a similar fashion as the cowl was.  It also needs to be installed so the doors will fit too.



A flange was added to the bottom of the bulkhead and reinforced with a dozen buttresses.



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