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The Corvette master cylinder (with J56 proportioning valve) has been installed and all the hard lines for the front and some of the rear have been connected.

I put off making the bleeders on the master when I made it, so those were done today as well.

The oil coolers have been reinstalled and plumbed. 




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I 3D printed the vent screen masters for the Webers when I grew the other carb parts, but I didn't make the mold to cast them then.  I used a platinum RTV mold against glass to cast these in resin. 


I made the four bleeders for each caliper and installed them before mounting the rotors and calipers to the spindles.  The soft brake lines and hardware have been installed too.  I also made the Willwood decals.




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The intake manifold has now been final installed, (with gaskets), and the fuel lines are temporarily attached until the upper carb gaskets are added and the distributor is installed.  (The valve covers are not finished yet, but they make the engine look better than just the raw heads. And because… magnets!)



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So many sports cars had sm bl chevy engines - in retrospect - shouldn’t GM have green lighted a rear engine Chevrolet sports car 25 years ago ????  Just sayin’.  oh by the way - we’ve all been waiting - patiently (?) - for this to come

together …

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Thanks Tim!  Yes it was rewarding to see the colors start to come together after 3+ years of it being in my imagination.


I made the water temperature probe/sender and the bellhousing bolts & washers.  I also made decals for the "fan" belts and fuel lines.


I made the worm type hose clamps for the radiator hoses that connect to the engine.  I also made decals for the hoses.  The lower (water pump) hose is actually an upper hose for a small block C3 Corvette, and the upper is a big block C3 hose.  That's just the way they fit in this application.  (The lettering is intentionally distressed as the printing on the real ones is often that way.)


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The rear suspension was going in just fine until I realized I needed to install something else first.  But before I could do that I had to mount something else, and before that, another item… 

So I installed the instrument panels.   The "A/C" hoses were installed too.



The top of the dash and the Wink mirror were mounted to the body.


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