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1968 Oldsmobile 442 W-30


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1 minute ago, CabDriver said:

Beautiful work all round Steven - you’re one of my favorite builders and I always enjoy seeing your projects!  The vinyl top looks great, and I really like how you handled the bezels.

Whats the story with the red inner fenders?  Why did the 1:1 have that?

They were made of plastic, so maybe it was a weight thing?

Either that or maybe it was just because it looked cool!

Or both! :D





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3 hours ago, Bucky said:

Here's one article on those red fender liners:




Now, you can mask off those rear fenders!! LOL


3 hours ago, gtx6970 said:


So I'm not loosing my mind


3 hours ago, Bucky said:

I built a '67 GTO many moons ago, and put the red fenders front and back. Your questioned jogged my memory, and I asked my friend GOOGLE for an assist on the info! LOL


This is why I feel that posting your projects in the "on the bench" section is absolutely invaluable!

At this point it will be an easy remedy to mask and paint the rear fender wells.

Later, it would have been impossible.


Thanks so much for the information guys!!





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Hasn't been a lot of movement on this project over the past week, but I did manage to get those fore-mentioned rear fender wells painted red, and along with that, the fuel tank painting finished.

Other than that it's been mostly prep work on chassis parts, and going through all of my Olds kits to look for the best engine parts combo that I can come up with. :)













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Thanks guys!!


First I want to thank all of those that were so helpful in the "Olds W-30 Intake Tubing" thread for helping to walk me through to a viable option.

Thanks to your help, I've settled on electing to scratch build new ones with things that I had on hand in the shop.


A pretty simple solution really, of just cutting a length of styrene tubing, flattening it slightly, bending it to shape, and wrapping it with very thinly stretched sprue.


The added thickness of the new ducts should help with the appearance under the hood, I believe.


Thanks guys!











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Thanks so much for your great accolades everyone!


I consider myself somewhere along the lines of a "Jack of all trades, but master of none" when it comes to building.

There are plenty of builders out there that are much more highly skilled than I am, but I'm not afraid to give things a whirl and it's very enjoyable for me.

I guess I have never had any desire to be "the best", just the best that I can be.

And above all, having fun is the absolute ultimate goal! ^_^


Again, thanks to all of you!

Your kind words are humbling!






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Thanks so much guys!!



15 hours ago, Nox said:

That hand crafted tubing ingenuity is insane. I never would have imagined such a thing until I saw those pics. That looks awesome.

Thanks Logan!

I don't know that I would have tried doing them this way if it weren't for all of the fantastic input that I received from the "Olds W-30 Intake Tubing" thread!

For the most part, everyone was extremely helpful.





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Today, I have been spending my time getting engine parts together and beginning the


prep of them.


I'll be using a combination of engine parts from the original Johan '68 kit, as well as the MPC '69, AMT '66 and Lindberg '67 442 kits.


One thing that I had never tried before was thinning the fan belts.

I decided to give it a whirl today, and so far, it looks like it should help make them look considerably better.

Not really as difficult as I thought it might be.


You can see by this progress photo the difference that it will make.........as long as I can finish without breaking it! :P










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