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Johan Sox & Martin Cuda

Jason Foster

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Very nicely done! It's not often we see this kit being built. Yours is looking really good. Excellent job with the paint and decals, they look flawless to me. Clean work with BMF on the chrome trim as well. Really nice.B)


I have a couple of these kits as well, one was already restored from a glue bomb and other glue bomb is still waiting for the same operation... Too bad both of mine were a bit rough and missing parts, so they're not good for Sox & Martin replicas.

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You did a good job on it Jason.
This is one of my favourite kits and I have several of them in my pile.
It's a good kit but it has a couple of things that need attention, the rollbar is too wide and need shortening at the top for the side windows to fit, and the front suspension is a bit simplified and needs more detail to look right.

Here is my version of it built about 10-15 years ago, not an exact replica as I hadn't seen any pictures of the real car when I built it...I have better references now so I will build a more correct one sometime.



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Depending on the issue this is a great kit. Most I've seen lately were near the end of JoHan and suffered serious flash molded in some "wonderful" color like orange. I haven't seen usable decals on most of the kits, even when new.


GREAT Build!

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