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1958 belvedere.

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23 hours ago, tmb727 said:

Very clean and nice.  How did you do the pattern on the side spear?  Looks great.

Pattern is already there. Just foiled over-top.


12 hours ago, Tommy124 said:

Very nice build, great color scheme and detailing. To me it looks like you re-did the chrome parts with Alclad. Am I correct?

Thanks. Yes. Alcad 2

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You did exceptionally fine work on detail. Everything was great until you showed under the hood. The problem is the engine.Two things. It's the wrong color. Plymouth engines in 1958 were silver. The 318 poly A block engine valve covers were gold. 2nd thing, it is a combo of the A block and B block. As a request of a  member of this forum in circa 1916, I created a correct A block engine for this model and I assume that you weren't aware of these things. The single 4 bbl version exists in my 59 Plymouth convertible. The substitution of a raised block B engine with trans attached is also not accurate, as it could be a 727 trans. The 58 user the old cast iron A-488 trans. Some members of this forum possess my A block version.

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