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AWB '65 Chevy II--New Photos 07/26/20


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28 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

VERY nice! One of the best builds of this kit I've ever seen. Really captures the look and feel of these asphalt monsters. Well done and model on! B)

Thank you, Snake. That's what I hope to do with my projects--capture something from an era!

14 minutes ago, alan barton said:

Beautiful photographs of a stunningly detailed model.  Just the shop rag on the blower is worth the price of admission! everything on this car looks right - really, really nice!



Thanks, Alan! That rag does look good, in these photos, I think. I'm happy that I finally figured out how to get decent photos, too.

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8 hours ago, cobraman said:

I love AWB cars and yours is first rate.  Great model !

Thanks, Ray. I appreciate that, very much!


2 hours ago, doorsovdoon said:

Excellent attention to detail, even the pin holes where the script badge used to be on the rear wings!

Thank you, Gareth. I thought that might be a nice touch,on a type of race car, in which, often, stuff (weight) was just discarded, as quickly as possible...why bother putting any back, right? ?

Thanks to everyone for  looking, and for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it!

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On 7/27/2020 at 7:05 AM, johnny rocket said:

That is a piece of artwork 

Thanks, John! I really appreciate  that. Modeling is an art form,  and should be more generally recognized, as one!

Thanks, Everyone for looking, and especially, for taking a minute to comment. It is very much appreciated!

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17 hours ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

SUPERB job Daniel, I really like it!!!  Nice attention to detail from bumper to bumper, the work done on the engine is very convincing and I love the headers tubes, very different from the traditional ones.  You can be proud of it my friend!!!

Thanks, so much, Francis! I was really hoping to capture the spirit of a privateer, on a regional match race circuit--the kind that might build their own headers. I appreciate your kind words, sir!

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