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9 minutes ago, Venom said:

Yes, those will be cool.

Are any of those currently being produced?

the  LS   2C   kits  can be found on  e-bay and   Chaparral   2A  can be  purchased  at  Modelbuilderswh. com   and is a HRM  kit.   the   Fein  Design Modell   (slotcar body kits)  are  close to impossible  to find  even on e-bay.   only  about 200  kits are made of each  body made.   waited  about 5  years  to finallly  get  the wide rear  fender  Chaparral  2G  from Fein Design Modell.

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Wow, okay - watching with interest. I saw the 2 and the 2E race.

Looks like you're doing the late style 2 with the 2C style wing?  I have a few Chaparral builds planned here myself. I have the LS kit, the HRM kit, and and old Cox slot car body.

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so the first one  will be an early   2A  and with  Starfighter decals  the plan is to make the Gold  Star  #6 Chaparral.  starting  with a cox  re-pop  slot car body  i  cut off front  at body lines  and  used front from  an LS  brand  2C  .   shaved off  front fins and   filled in headlights  slightly  for smaller headlights.  will be using  chassis from mini exotics kit for  a better interior and an engine.







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Oh, my.  Count me in as one of the many all-time Chaparral fans!  

Going to enjoy this!  There can never be enough Chappies built . . . and when they are well detailed! . . . Oh, my!


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On 2/20/2021 at 3:23 PM, Dave B said:

Undoubtedly they will be great builds William, nothing less is expected of you!!

What brand is the grey body, the 2A with the 2C style rear wing?

Dave B


thanks  guys,  the grey  body  is a very detailed slot car body by  Fein Design  Modell      only about  200  kits are made of each  body produced.



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a little  progress  on the  early  2A ....... body filler  and ready for primer.      2C  (LS  kit)    modified  side scoop,   opened  up scoop  and moved back to correct location.   installed  screens.






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