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1/25 AMT '32 Ford Tudor Sedan


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Is the 1/25 AMT '32 Ford Tudor Sedan kit lost forever? Granted, with the newer and better 1/25 Revell '32 Ford Tudor Sedan more easily available having the older AMT version back is hardly necessary, but it does offer some unique things, and even for the sake of nostalgia, I think it still holds some appeal. If anyone here has one of these, please take some pics and share with teh class.

Pics from eBay listings, just to show the contents:




AMT's generic Ford hot rod decal sheet: 









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That sedan used the phaeton interior bucket.  I never got around to comparing them, but I'd suspect that it was altered to fit into the sedan body.  If so, Ertl having made it fit the phaeton again would have made it (again) not fit the sedan body.  

That said, maybe now it would be possible to just tool a new sedan interior, copied from a sedan kit piece.  If anyone at Round 2 thought there would be enough demand for a reissued sedan, that is.

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8 hours ago, Mark said:

That sedan used the phaeton interior bucket.  I never got around to comparing them, but I'd suspect that it was altered to fit into the sedan body.  If so, Ertl having made it fit the phaeton again would have made it (again) not fit the sedan body.  

Hard to tell from the lone clear image I found on eBay, but it looks like AMT did little more than extend the sides, without adding much of any new/different detail. This is the AMT/Ertl reissue from 1989:


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For the sedan, I figure the sides were tweaked to make the bucket a little bit narrower, to slip inside the sedan body.  The rear door lines were definitely wiped off the sides.  

Undoing the width alteration (if it was done) to make the interior fit the phaeton body again would make the interior not fit the sedan again.  The door line apparently wasn't an issue, as I don't think that was reversed for the phaeton reissues.

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1 hour ago, Dave Darby said:

My guess is that the 32 Sedan body insert is in the 1940 Willys tool, where it originated. 

That was going to be my next question-- Is the body in the AMT Double '40 Willys Coupe/'32 Sedan the same as included in the AMT '32 Ford Tudor Sedan stand-alone kit? I think the answer is Yes, and the body shell wasn't altered between the two releases, but not really sure.

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Yes, the body in the one-shot Street Rods release is from the double kit.  If I remember right, you can see traces of a couple of the locating pins that were molded into the double kit body for attaching the custom fenders.  AMT did tool a new three-piece hood for that kit however.

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Tudor body same from those issues. But it had no real stock bits, iirc interior was buckets ala 60’s show car. 
Surprised it took years to merge Tudor to stock bits, maybe longer. Phaeton was out in 69. Have that and SR issue, Tudor SR too. 
None of the kustom stuff made it into the SR issue. 

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Date from Phaeton thread
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Thinking about it now, it is kind of surprising that AMT didn't issue the stock sedan instead of the phaeton in 1969.  That was right about the time that they converted the Willys double kit to eliminate the sedan and add the pickup conversion parts.  It would have been natural for them to piece it into the Victoria kit just as they had done by creating a new phaeton body for the same kit.

Then again , look at Rod & Custom issues from around then...Thirties Ford phaetons were hot.  A number of bodies and cars were being bought in Australia and shipped in.  AMT's kit was supposedly scaled from an Australian body, which did differ in minor ways.

Note too, the original issue AMT box art refers to the phaeton as "rarest of the Fords"...not so.  The B-400 convertible sedan was produced in fewer numbers, and is rarer than the phaeton.

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It appears The Good Stuff once offered a '32 Ford B-400 body, but I believe it was released a few years before the Revell kit debuted: 



Back to the '32 Ford Sedan, I took some pics of the T-133 AMT '32 Ford Tudor Sedan body with the fenders from the AMT '32 Ford Sedan radical custom, and found they fit together very well:




Comparison of the interior tubs:





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Interesting war story here...

...when Revell started working on their '32 Tudor kit, their VP of Engineering Roger Harney emailed me and asked if I had the AMT Tudor kit (the one pictured Casey's image at the top, and if so, could they borrow it for help designing their interior which was going to be mostly factory stock?  I did, and they could.  Got the original kit back months later, and Roger signed the box of one of the first-off-the-line kits and sent it to me as thanks.    

I too have wondered why the 1975 release was a one and done.  I suspect, as Mark suggests, it has to do with the interior tub. 


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There was definitely something weird going on with the longer interior tub.  There was a period in the nineties I think with that dreadful hiboy box art, where they included a way-too-short Vicky interior instead of the longer phaeton version.  I believe the most recent issue then ended up with he correct interior after all!



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It would be great to see this kit back out.

If we got the '64 Olds back (in 2 body styles, natch) this could happen someday. But, I'm still waiting for the new Round2 versions of the Old AMT 32 Coupe and Phaeton kits. All we have gotten from Round2 is the Vicky. And, it was Great!  I'd just like to see the same magic (New Decals. Better Tires, and restored Parts) applied to the Rest of the  original AMT '32 Ford kits.

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