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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!


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On 1/23/2022 at 3:23 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

Alternate reality dieselpunk turbine-electric hybrid II



This one caused me some respiratory discomfort, Bill. Had to hit the albuterol a few times.. And it was not the build/mock-up that got me going....it was the text. 🤣

You probably forgot all about this. 

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2 hours ago, customline said:

...You probably forgot all about this. 

Nope. When the Jag C-X75 turbine-electric came out, I fell in love with it. Performance was blistering, turbines can run on just about anything that will burn, and I'd been interested in micro-turbines for decades.

Jaguar C-X75 concept could be revived as next-gen F-Type | Autocar India

I was also interested in the dieselpunk aesthetic, thought it would be fun to blend the ideas, and I started two turbine-electric concept builds for a dark sci-fi diorama. As is typical with much of my model work, I got ahead of my skills (at the time) which caused the projects to stall, but everything's still on the in-progress shelves and I've learned what I needed to move forward.

This is the thread on the one you are referring to (that Studebaker is not mine):

And this is the first one:


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What a great idea for a topic!  Mind if I play?


Tamiya cars with two metal axles mock up pretty quickly.  Just wanted this '88 Turbo as a reference for another project.


More involved story with this one.  Dangedest thing about Hasegawa cars is that not only are they fat and looming in Tamiya's rearview these days, they're kinda cheap!  Great new tooling in the $22-24 range when you order thru the usual Japanese vendor suspects.  So I wasn't too aggrieved when fixing a warp in the first one went horribly wrong - just kept the rest as extra parts for the second one which has gone considerably better as you see.  3.0GT Turbo JDM, another '88.



These two are idling at the moment for the same reason: they both present some hatefully obvious non-prototypical seams in the body work. The Countach, at the rear roll pan where it meets the rear quarters on both sides; and the 300, a chasm tracing under the rear DLO windows to split the greenhouse from the rest of the bodywork.  Filling that has been started on the SL.


Back when I did the '50 Olds reviews, I was carving up a couple shells for the McGriff sedan concurrently with the factory stock Adler Green car, which was close to its final stages when I first tried the sedan body on the coupe's running gear.


And here's a mock-up of something percolating nicely right now.

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This is the first of a half dozen builds I have planned of the new asphalt modified kits produced by Wes's Model Car Corner. Going to backdate a few items on this one and make a Cavalier body. Will be a replica of the 1993 NASCAR Modified Tour Champ Rick Fuller's car, owned by Curt Chase. 

Pavement Mod Body mock up.jpg

Pavement Mod mock up.jpg

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Starting to gain some momentum on this build, thought I’d throw a few wheel choices out for opinion. The car will be matte pearl green, chrome  will be stripped and blacked out. Wheel hoops will be black, centres will be gold/bronze. 





Cheers, Steve

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