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Here is my first completed kit for 2023 - a 1/25th scale Jo-Han model of the Chrysler Turbine car. I remember building this model back in the 1960's when I was much younger. My 2023 build turned out a lot better than the one I made many years ago!

The color is Testor's Fiery Orange. Not sure if this is still made by Testor's, so when I found a couple of cans at Hobby Lobby I grabbed them!

The body was molded in white, so this was not the original release of this kit. This reissue had a lot of serious flash on it.

I did need to do a little sanding on the door panels, interior panels, and body to get the doors to fit better (but not perfectly). I also used magnets behind the door panels and the door jambs to help keep the doors closed.

All chrome is hand painted, except for the Turbine scripts on the body sides and the hood.

Thanks for looking!


















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Beautiful looking paint finish and color. The trim looks just like the real car in the photo. I'm a fan of the color you used as well. They also had a color called Flaming Orange that is a little darker. Tamiya has a color called Metallic Orange TS-92 that is very close a readily available. 

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1 hour ago, Lobo2me said:

Hi Bart;

Excellent recreation and surpurb attention to detail. Well done!!! Did you use orange flock or embossing powder on the interior floor and how was it applied? I like that!



The carpeting was done using a Brown Embossing powder. I have two different methods I may use to to apply it - brushing a thick layer of paint (in a similar shade as the power) and then using a spoon to drop the embossing powder into the paint while it is still wet, or brushing some thinned white Elmer's glue and using the spoon to drop the powder into it. Sometimes I think I may have also used a model railroading product -Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement, which looks like white glue that has already been thinned. I believe I used the thinned Elmer's Glue to do this application.

As I write this, I am thinking another option might be to brush a thick layer of a clear paint and then apply the powder. This would prevent any potential impact of the paint on the color of the powder when it is applied. I may have to try this idea!


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I have the easy build and do have a can of that paint. I better do it real on as it’s another can of Testor’s pain that is oozing the goo out of the bottom seal. And it is an amazing build.Just stunning. Sorry. I forgot to state that in my original post. You nailed it. Hard to tell what is the real car and what is your build Bart. Mine will never look this good. 🙂

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2 hours ago, ewetwo said:

I have the easy build and do have a can of that paint. I better do it real on as it’s another can of Testor’s pain that is oozing the goo out of the bottom seal. 

The original color I wanted to use was Testor's Model Master Dark Bronze Metallic (discontinued quite a while ago). I had two cans, but one starting oozing out which is why I went with Testor's Fiery Orange. One poster mentioned that Tamiya has Metallic Orange TS-92 (which is readily available). I had looked at that color and felt that Fiery Orange was just a little better match.

Good luck with your kit!


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