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The first and last Blue Max


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Hi all, Just finished awhile ago with these dual builds and i thought I'd post this for all to check out. It was a fun build for the sake of just seeing how things change over roughly 20 years. I started the 70 Max with the Polar lights kit, really only using the body and then tweaking it more to what I thught how the car should look. Slightly longer hood,flatten the nose and I think i shortened the roof as well.I made a Don Hardy chassis for it (see my earlier post from 2019 pleading for help) complete with working front springs. I put a revell hemi in it,custom headers more correct tires as well.I did custom tin work as well as making custom decals using what I could with what came with the kit. The 1989 Trans Am I started with a resin body I got from somewhere,made the necessary corrections and remolded it.I used a late model chassis,engine, and rims.I made a new fuel cell, custom headers, and tinwork. I made custom decals and finally got to use my Ghost white laser toner to print white on clear decal paper Yay!.Thanks for looking

20230119_104135 (2).jpg

20230119_102450 (2).jpg

20230119_101846 (3).jpg


20230119_103301 (3).jpg

20230119_103437 (2).jpg




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Nailed it on both accounts!

It's also interesting how the location, size and prominence of the sponsorship decals changed over that twenty years. In the early version, the car's name is the most prominent feature. In the latter version, the sponsor is most prominent with the car's name almost as an afterthought.

Spectacular representation of some auto racing history!

David G.

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Fantastic work Mark! I built the Mustang from the Polar Lights kit some years ago and was really impressed by the decals. Your Don Hardy chassis is amazing. The car started the season with the Logghe Chassis and quickly moved on to the Don Hardy, improved safety and performance. Very nice pair of builds!

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