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1941 Chevy Pickup

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Ok fellows.....I think I have found my next victim to throw up on the bench.  I bought this kit off fleabay some time back and I think now is the time to get after it.  I found these Big & little wheels & tires in the parts box and yeah.....It's going to require tubs for the rear tires.  I was really looking for a easy build this time around but I don't think there is and easy build.  At least not for me.  I have a 572 Blown engine with a Tunnel Ram setup from the Iceman that I'm wanting to put in the business end.  For now, I'm thinking the Tamiya X-3 Royal Blue for the body color.  I have already started so trial fitting and things are looking good so far.  I got the sink holes in the box filled and sanded down then assembled. I had to relocate the front axle on top of the leaf springs and I have some lowering blocks for the rear axle.  This should set the ride height where I want it but only time will tell.     










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1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

Well Buddy, didn't know this was gonna be your next "victim"😉😂

Great start👍

Thanks.  Yup, couldn't make up my mind so I just pulled the trigger on this one since I had it in my hand moving it.

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I'm having a tough time getting the front & rear wheels in the location that I want.  All 4 wheels are still sticking out to far so I had to sand the heck out of the axle and front spindles.  I ended up sanding so much on the spindles off that I had to pin the wheels to the spindles.  Even with the mock-up it still doesn't look right to me.   





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After playing around with the suspension for a few days I think I'm satisfied with the stance.....finally.  I really like the looks of this 41 pickup now.  I also got the Iceman 572 cleaned up and ready to paint.  Can't remember if I mentioned it or not but I broke the pulley setup while cutting it off the tree so I contacted the Iceman about a replacement and it's on the way.









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8 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Nice start Bob. The wheels look good.👍 Check the fit of your hood with the grill in place. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I had to add to the back of the hood to get it to line up at the front.🤷‍♂️



Thanks Greg.  I did notice before I glued the firewall in the cab wanted to spring back when put in place and leave a gap.  I went ahead and glued the firewall in place and now the cab acually snaps in place for a really nice fit with the hood as seen in the pics above.  I can still get the dash in doing it this way.  

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6 hours ago, Steve H said:

Stance looks good Bob. 41 Chev trucks are the best looking truck made in my opinion. I’ll be watching sir.

I appreciate it Steve.  Yup, I think all the old fat fendered trucks look pretty kewl.

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