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1941 Chevy Pickup

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8 hours ago, dragcarz said:

Looking great Bob, is the hood going to fit, or will it require some modifications?

Thanks Roger.  Well....I'd like the hood to fit without any mods but at this point the hood will not fit.  The crank pulley is setting on the crossmember.  I'm going to take another look at what I can do.  

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46 minutes ago, David G. said:

Great stance on this! It has those "Slammin' Hammer" decals and it has indeed been slammed.

I also like the tubs you added to the bed and the well  detailed engine.

BTW this is one of my favorite pickup styles. I just love the grille on these.

David G.

Thank's David.  I like how the stance turned out on this one.  Yup, auto makers back in the day wanted to make a statement with all the chrome up front.  They wanted you to know who's car it was coming down the street.

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16 hours ago, Zippi said:

I worked at this for a while and finally got that Big ole 572 to set down on the chassis with the cab and fenders in place.  The inner fenders had to be removed and the headers where flipped.



I love this! You going to poke some holes it the fenders for the exhaust to exit?

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15 minutes ago, redscampi said:

I love this! You going to poke some holes it the fenders for the exhaust to exit?

Thanks Gary.  I think I'm going to run the exhaust out the bottom and run the pipes to some Magnaflow mufflers.  

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On 11/15/2023 at 1:39 PM, Zippi said:

I've made these tubs for the box a few time so it only took about 1 hr to get this far.  Just a little clean up and I'm ready to cut the bed then glue them in.




What did you use to glue and prep the pill bottles for paint?

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Not much going on as it's been a little on the cold side in the garage.  I've got the heater working overtime but I'm still trying to get use to this cold weather.  I pulled the visor out to take a look at it as I like how it looked on the 50 Chevy pickup I just finished.  Not sure if it's right for this build.  I got the exhaust figured out.  I used the mufflers from the AMT Hot Wheels Monster Truck kit and the pipe is some old .090 solder I found in my tool box that's probably over 40 years old.  






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