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48 Lincoln woodie


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Another project i have been pulling out of the box when waiting on parts for other project. You would think

i had learned by now to get everything before i start somthing new. This was a idea that pop into my head

a year ago,i`m not sure it is a good or bad idea yet.

I had to lenghten and section the hood,lengthen the frame,section and adapt the front fenders and make

them reach a little longer down at the rear,below the molding. Quite the challenge for a rookie as me,but

so far so good. I have to try make some trim running forward on the hood,or remove the part from the

donor (48 Revell Ford). I had in mind doing it mild custom,try make it look original beside having it a little

bit lowered and use some tires with fat whitewalls.

I found a flathead v12 on Ebay i want to use,it`s got some mild tuning look to it,tripple carbs and finned heads,

it should be right around the corner so i can attempt making it fit. I`m also thinking dual exhaust,not with lakepipes,

but coming out the back,the v8Ford only got one. I will be using Lincoln bumpers and the crome,also i want to try

drill out the stock front lights and add buckets and glass,if i can find a decent donor.

Well,it`s pretty ugly now,but hopefully it can be made into somthing in the end.

This is just some rough mock up. Thanks for looking.





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I have to give you some cred for even attempting one of those Pyro Lincolns. Difficult, at best, to produce an accurate replica. I was commissioned in 1986 to build one from a guy who had a real '48..I had an unbuilt original, and I did my best, and used two flathead 8's to make the 12, drilled out the headlights and stuff, used better wheels and suspension parts...really outdid myself, and drove hundreds of miles just to get the right Desert Tan paint...and by the time I got it done, he had repainted the real car in a Gawd-awful Maroon!!!! He paid me for the model anyway. But hey, that woodie idea is cool. I have one also, a recent re-issue, and not a woodie, but a '48 with 5-spokes, and a 427 Ford mill...I might have to finish that turkey now...but there's no way around having to use that funky inaccurate grille....too bad there, but considering it is the ONLY '48 ever made in 1/25, we have to use it. I really like this idea though, and may re-think my example accordingly.

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One of those times when I like to say "Now why didn't I think of that?" B)

You don't necessarily need to use the '48 grille; maybe use it as a template to make a '42 grille? It's mostly just thin horizontal bars that follow the same shape. AMT '49 or '50 Ford headlights should give you the buckets and lenses you need.

ETA: Check out the shots of the '42 I posted here:


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Been trying to make the engine room look a little better with inner fenders. Will try make a little better detail

over the original. Most of the original inner fenders are gone and replaced with styrene sheet.


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Engine arrived yesterday.


Gave it a shot of paint just to see how it look. Nice cast and details from this brand,also pre-drilled plug holes on the heads.


Some test fit and mock up just to see what need to be done for better fit. Engine mounts need to be fixed a little.



The body sag a bit on the rear because of the tape on the tub did not hold up. Need some more adjustment on

the front wheel arches,also a little drop on the front,should be the more easy part to drop the spindles a little.

But then there is all the bodywork,i guess i cant give up have come so far as this. I think when it get a coat of

primer the first impression will be much better,also good for motivation. I have drilled out the headlights,but i

havent found any replacements yet,not important right now either.



Anyway thanks for looking at this turd :lol:

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