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  2. Brush painted.

    I admit this does look great, but I'm going to assume that the modeller that painted these sanded and polished the finish after brush painting? I can't see how they would get that finish just by brushing alone.
  3. GM and Chevy Quality

    I am sure we can all agree they have the worst commercials ever!
  4. Vintage 1:32nd Revell/AMT 56 Buick

    Multi piece body? Not a problem. This is the Revell 60 (Really a 59) kit. One of the perks of the multi piece body is the pioneering use of the platform style interior. Much better than the one piece AMT/ SMP kit with its tub style interior. And no visible seams.
  5. What did you get today?

    Picked up another Moebious Butch Leal and Golden Commandos kits! I was quite surprised they showed up at my LHS!
  6. Ford F-150 Escala 1/8

    Very interesting and looks amazing!
  7. I'm pretty glad there is a reliable source for those tires as I'm pretty picky about what goes on the front of my hot rods. Most kit tires are too big and bulky to run on the front. I built this AMT 5 window coupe in 1992 and for most of its years it wore a pair of the Mickey Thompson front runners from the Pro Street 70 Coronet kit. These vintage AMT tires were just what I originally wanted. It just took me a bunch of years to find some.
  8. Hi guys, I've been trying some weathering on the Mobieus 69 pickup. I've only weathered 2 models and they were ok. I'm not finished with this yet. Give me some opionons, ideas and some constructive criticism! I think I'm a bit heavy handed with the weathering, I'm not going for rust out just more grungy and worn out. I'm using paint and pastel chalk. Let me know what you think!
  9. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Thank you, Gary!
  10. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    Looking really really good! What paint did you use? Thanks,
  11. You're probably right. I didn't have the kit tires in front of me at the time to compare. I just remember the Revell tire being a little taller and skinnier than the AMT tire.
  12. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    Fascinating project! Well done.
  13. RocketWagen

    George Jetson would be proud!
  14. New kid on the block ?

    I have the Franklin Petty Olds....it is very different than the sample shown. I also have the JNJ, Bandit and SMH 77 Olds bodies.....all also different than shown. So I am not sure what they are showing......maybe a 3D print of their design files?? I really hope this come to be. But drawing to kit on shelf in 2 months would be a new record. GM signing off takes 3-4 months most of the time.....and this is after mold is finished and box art finished. I've done work in the biz....it's a long slow process. These guys may have the talent and cash to pull it off.....but I feel they do not have a lot of experience navigating the biz.
  15. GM and Chevy Quality

    Two quick stories: 1. In the late 70's, a co-worker bought a new Fiat Spyder. It was a cute little car, cream yellow with a black top. We were looking through the owners manual when I happened to spotted that the total carrying capacity was 450 pounds. My co-worker was a big lady. If she missed 300 pounds it wasn't by much and her husband was even bigger. Together they had to exceed the load capacity by 200 pounds. They looked like something from a comic strip going down the road. Her husband could not even ride in the car with the top up. She kept it for about a year before the unibody/subframe cracked right under the seats. 2. One of my brother-in-laws started a company in the natural gas field about 10 years ago. Being a big Chevy guy, he only bought Chevy and GMC trucks for his field techs. After 5 years or so, he was so disgusted with the break downs he began to buy Fords and Dodges. His fleet is now over 100 trucks, mostly Rams but supervisors get the option of buying Fords (more expensive but nicer ride). Not a single Chevy left in the fleet after 10 years. My B-I-L, however, still drives a GMC.
  16. New kid on the block ?

    On another forum, someone speculated the prototype was a modified Franklin Mint Petty die cast..who knows, won't really know much until actual test shots are shown.
  17. Today
  18. 356 Porsche Speedster "Black Betty"

    I had bought this Posche 911 Cabrio as a donator for engine, wheels and interior for another project (http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/125644-vw-samba-custom-triple-cab-pickup/) The windscreen was messed up and the frame cracked. I had the engine and wheels from the Samba Bus, so i wanted to make something out of that. Without windscreen my only option seemed to make a speedster. 911 and the narrow bus wheels made no good combination, but i discovered that the bodies of 356 and 911 do not have big differences, just a bit wider and longer. decision was made: a 356 speedster it should to be. And after a bit of research i found a nice road legal vintage race car replica i wanted to make. It was great fun to backdate the body and scratch built missing items using my parts box. And i deppdished the Bus rims to make them look wider.
  19. Ferrari F12

    This is the DX edition
  20. Any body watching Barrett-Jackson ?

    I've been watching off and on during the past week. It got me to wondering about those shows where the guy wants the super nice looking car he bought online without looking at it worked on and when they tear down the car, it is loaded with Bondo!
  21. 1958 Imperial Southampton

    Looking good!!
  22. That came out nice, well done.
  23. Chev Astro

    Turned out great. Two questions: Is the licence plate personalized? What is the background? Looks like some Sci-Fi building
  24. <iframe src="https://mx.salvat.com/colecciones/Ford-f100/" width=800 height=1000></iframe> https://mx.salvat.com/colecciones/Ford-f100/
  25. Autoquiz 357 - FINISHED

    The Triumph wheels and caps lead me to look at the Standard Gazel, developed from a license built Triumph Herald in India. That thing is even uglier!
  26. 50 Mercury "Cobra" (base kit is Revell)

    I believe he used something called a JATL. It was a new 9mm submachinegun at the time, and I don't remember hearing too much if anything about them since. No doubt they went OOB.
  27. Autoquiz 357 - FINISHED

    I was thinking FIAT and LADA. Eventually that set me on the right track...
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