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  2. Highway thru Hell

    Not sure if it has been mentioned, but Netflix has HTH seasons 1-6 on it as well.
  3. Well, this sums it up nicely........

    I think that see saw weather happens at some time or another almost anywhere in the U.S.A.
  4. Free Models!

    Ah, those were the days!
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    holding the glasses
  6. Slant 6 cross ram

    There is no replacement for displacement. How much power can you get from that slant six anyway. Maybe power but not torque.You probably couldn't wind them out like todays engines
  7. Anyone make a resin 1 ton dump bed

    To get a straight cut use a straightedge and the back side of an Xacto blade. Draw the Xacto blade across the line to be cut with several even strokes that will scribe a little of the plastic away a bit at a time. Once you are most of the way through you should be able to snap the pieces apart easily. Then just touch up the edge with a sanding stick (not just sandpaper). The sanding stick will help keep the cut edge straight. I'll post some pics on how to glue up pieces squarely and with very little glue.
  8. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    my Jeeps were fun also, recently sold this one, my son's and myself have owned a fleet of them and the stories I could tell LOL
  9. Despicable Me. (We are all kids at heart!)

    That's great! Out of the box thinking and building at it's best.
  10. '37 Ford mild custom

    Not 100% complete (tail lights and front bumperettes still needed) but I caught the weather just right to take some outside shots..... There is a build thread for those interested....... I want to thank Bill, Paul, and Carl for helping with this one....... Please feel free to comment, Thanks!

    I realize that posting photos from a photo hosting sight saves bandwidth for this website, but if the link is dead or host site denies photos, what is the point? Should delete the post or ask posters to re-link the photos. It's annoying and wasting my time reading. Sorry to sound snippy. Maybe I am?
  12. More Wheel ID?

    Those wheel covers originated in '66 with the 7-Litre package in '66. The '66 annual kits had them, but not the '67. '67 annuals had regular Galaxie wheel covers that were used later on pickups. The optional wheel in the '67 and '68 kits was a Kelsey-Hayes Mag Star, which I don't think was ever OE on anything.
  13. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    we've owned over 100 cars throughout the years so hard to choose just 1 most reliable wallet friendly was the Geo Prizim (Corolla) the Civic or one of the CR-Vs which we still own 1 most fun was one of the Road Runners or Chargers probably the 68 RR that would run mid 10s though exhaust not fast by todays standards but still fun least favorite wallet unfriendly were the Town & Country minivan, Dakota quad and the Ram 2500 quad diesel, all 3 of them cured me of brand loyalty toward Chrysler products
  14. 63 Cobra from the Racing Team Kit

    VERY nicely done!!!
  15. Porsche 935-77

    As usual......BRILLIANT modeling, bud!!!!!
  16. Joe's Backyard Paradise-Updates 02/22

    That's gonna be a mean '56 Ford I reckon Joe! Not wanting to be critical, 'cos your work is brilliant, but the sign over the door says ' NO EXCETIONS ' - shouldn't it be No Exceptions ? Inside of your building does look complete now, so it makes sense for you to work on the build of the car while you are waiting for funds to continue with the outside. David
  17. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    NICE!!!.......she's in amazing shape!!, I own one too, looks like we both like to take care of them.
  18. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    My 2001 Jeep Cherokee JCR, with a 5.5" lift, Pro Comp alloys, quick disconnect sway bars, class 3/4 buit-in JCR rear off road bumper, and a POR-15 bed-lined body.....inside & out!
  19. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

    No, none of them have been painted. I just meant that I already have colors more or less chosen for all of them, & already have the paint on hand. I like to get chrome re-done & paint bought ahead of time before I get too involved with any project. The Lincoln is one of the few that I have not completely settled on a color yet. I basically have it narrowed down to 4 choices. A dark metallic GM gray called "Shadow Gray". A lighter metallic Ford gray called "Gunmetal Gray". A Dark metallic Mopar green called "Ivy Green". And a custom mix that is somewhat akin to Ford "Platinum" which is a very pale solid blue. If I went with one of the grays, I'm thinking that a dark "ox blood" interior would look good. Probably a tan interior with the green, & maybe a light parchment or off white with the blue. Steve
  20. I'll post this here as well. Buckeye Scale Auto Clubs 8th Annual Classic show and swap meet on the 17th of March at the Franklin County fair grounds, 4100 Columbia Street, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 Dan
  21. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    My son just got one of those Aero Chiefs for $12.50. Huge kit - huge discount. He was ecstatic!
  22. 51 Chevy custom

    Thanks Chris, much appreciated. Dan
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