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  2. That's been my way of building for almost forever! I like to do the cars that were in my sight when I first knew what a car was...............lot of fins and chrome. Later, muscle cars would have been the thing as there were a few in our family. I'll do a new(er) car every now and then, and as time goes on I'll be getting into the mid '70's stuff........and era that's all but forgotten by the model manufacturers as the GM Colonnade cars come to mind.
  3. I got decals from Hong Kong via eBay some time ago, but it's no longer available. I see another style Coke decals are available. I'm sure Coke lawyers track down everyone who sells non-licensed stuff, so get it when you see it!
  4. Man, that is looking beautiful! You ought, to be pleased!
  5. Almost done with the interior. Made the spare tire mount from solder and punched a plastic disk, drilled a hole in the pan, glued it in. My theory is they kept it to a minimum, and nobody is going to see it anyway. Made a cardboard box, cut a wood block, wrapped with grocery sack that is cut like a box. The second bag is one I made for my VW Beetle project, it filled a corner good enough. The black bag came with the transkit. The shoulder belts have the decal for the label, I taped down the belts, applied some Tacky glue into the belts where that goes, then applied figuring the combination of the glue and decal adhesive would really work and it seems to (fingers crossed). There was no indication how the belts attached to the cage, so I just glued on behind the seats, then added photo-etch nut heads to the tiny holes on the kit parts. I will spray flat clear with a drop of tan in the interior, then glue down the belts, and then dust with tile grout. Last things to make will be water bottles, they had to have carried water in the freaking desert, saw a video of a race in Egypt and caught this pit stop.
  6. >> I realize that there are a lot of model car builders who enjoy the freedom of building customs and straight track subjects, but I personally really enjoy the rigidity of building factory stock. However, building a replica of either, is no different than building factory stock, other than the pieces that comprise the car. There is more freedom when building a model that is inspired by an actual racer, but, modelers are still bound by what equipment was available at a given time, or, by using the correct speed equipment decals, or font types, when designing graphics for a "non-replica". I can only speak for myself, here, of course, but, those are important things, to me. I do have trouble grasping the concept that creating small details or scratchbuilding something isn't fun. Then again, that's me, too. That's where I find my zen. Boy, I'm really a weirdo! 😀
  7. Thanks for the nice words guys! If there's no bad weather like there was last year, I hope to be there Tom. Last year it was raining so bad and I'm not a fan of driving the Challenger in heavy rain......especially here in PA with trucks everywhere you turn on the highway.
  8. Today
  9. Been a little while since my last post but managed to take advantage of the wet conditions here at home and spend some time at the bench. Tackled the rest of the roof trim today. Rain gutters and rear window surround attached. More sanding and shaping to do but very happy with progress. Cheers..... Geoff
  10. I have The Judge funny car 1/24. But I'd like to trade for the whole body, that's the problem you see!
  11. 1962 Pontiac Tempest LeMans kit, AMT wanted: just bought a real one! Trade Monogram Rolls roadster kit and/or cash for useable example or new. Wick
  12. Great! Like the details and whole concept looks very well balanced.
  13. Dan, I have a AMT new tool "custom" 60 Chevy P/U and a Vanagon Westfalia (camper). I am interested in the Mobius Ranger and the Cruisin Van, if you're interested in trading - PM me
  14. Gorgeous model and I really like the photos.
  15. Thank you everyone for the kind words!! I do really appreciate them
  16. Me, too, but for a much different reason. Not my favorite car at all in general, but one particular variant is.
  17. Ok, leave the Levis logo empty or off the box art. They could include the letters all scrambled up on the decal sheet and we can put it back together if we wanted to. Ford logo should be a slam-dunk since they have to get Ford's OK for the van anyway.
  18. Claude, very well thought out , planned , and executed. just a beautiful model sir.
  19. Thanks for the additional pics! Your detailing is amazing, it is so “in scale” and so very clean. Well done😎
  20. On GMT400.com we have “supporting members” they pay $20 a year to keep the site running and get: bigger avatar photo larger inbox ability to change their handle/username color its pretty cool.
  21. Great happening! Surely, the buyer was happy with it, or he might not have done the deal!
  22. The usual way is to open Windows Explorer (or the Mac equivalent). Then, drag and drop the files to the paperclip at the bottom of your reply. They will get uploaded to our server. After they upload, you put the cursor where you want the photo, and click on the lower left corner of the photo you want to insert. That will include it in the posting. Do that for all the photos and you're done. You can also copy photos from your browser, and paste them directly into your posts.
  23. Looks like this P/E was designed more for the J. David 935. I’ve decided that most of it can and will be used. The front grille won’t be though. I would really have to fill in a lot. The rear grille will be easier for me to hog out on the kit and use the P/E.
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