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  2. Very nice! I like this car. Dood work!
  3. Compare the MPC chassis with AMT's. On the MPC (shown) you can see the seam on the oil pan where the engine is halved in the AMT kit. If I remember right, the top of the MPC chassis has some of the engraved trunk mat detail from the AMT kit, even though the MPC kit doesn't have an opening trunk.
  4. iBorg

    Cunningham C4

    This model would look great on my shelf. Absolutely beautiful build.
  5. thinking about making a few changes to the kit maybe more than a few ... I'll end up using about a dozen kit parts how about a Lotus 32 with the climax four ??? might have been one of Jimmy's favorites ....
  6. ATHU

    300 SLR

    Looks amazing, well done!!
  7. It seems that all the good ones are are passing away at the same time..RIP....Get your motor runnin.Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...
  8. Thanks for the photos, Doug. Nice 1:1 you've got there. I appreciate your input. I wondered why I was having a hard time finding photos of a '66 NASCAR Monterey! I found lots of photos of Cyclones, but no Montereys. I recently built a '66 NASCAR Ford Galaxy kit and didn't really research Mercury racing of that era. I'm not really all that concerned about accuracy on this one. Buy the time I get the decals, weathering, and dents and sideswipes on it, I doubt anyone but a true Merc aficionado would notice. I've already primed it and can still see some scratches around where I cut out the deck lid and scored the doors. I just ain't as good as I was in my younger, model building days. I've got intentions of doing some NASCAR and other racing/junkyard dioramas, so that's probably where this one will end up. http://www.shamblesmodels.com/dioramas.html Thanks again, John
  9. Looks like I did okay in my recollections. The only one I missed and don't remember is the yellow slant 6's. But then again, why would you waste memory space on a slant 6? Steve
  10. ATHU

    Cunningham C4

    Beautiful work, looks fantastic!!
  11. Of course my decals refused to cooperate! One broke in half and the other into 3 pieces while installing them! But, I managed to get them on and all of the engine parts clear coated. Will try to get the transmission touched up and the oil filter taken car of later on this afternoon.. Steve
  12. i enjoy watching you and a few others build, you guys do some amazing work have some insane talent.
  13. Bill, do you recall what the ducts behind the front wheels fed into (I believe the other side was the same)? I'd expect to have vents drawing hot air out at that point... Cheers, -Don,
  14. Couple new photos. The body is mated with the interior for the last time and I'll just have to deal with whatever fit issues pop up next. The engine is great. The interior is nice as well. After this will come glass photos. Those require some edge sanding and paint scraping to get a good fit.
  15. Nice! Digging the color!
  16. Thinking along these line's http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/rare-find-1955-chevy-convertible-powered-by-a-427-ford-engine/ar-BBB4r7D?li=BBnbfcL:p3: But I could just put that Cammer in the Talledega 🤔
  17. I remember those safe glues, none of them seemed to work as well as the old dangerous stuff. I remember Microscale Micro Weld cement, great stuff until they changed to safe cement...use MEK now, stuff works great... have to admit, I like the smell... Don
  18. Nice job! This is a kit that definitely would do well with a re-release/update.
  19. Definitely about to re-watch Easy Rider... Captain America and Billy riding together again! RIP.
  20. Nice job on all. Especially the White Trans Am, I built that kit last year and it certainly has it's issues, but yours doesn't show any of it's flaws.
  21. The Ferrari has been traded, thanks!
  22. I never tire of seeing these kits being built,great job!
  23. I have several of his items and the straight 8 Buick and Pontiac straight 8.Good quality stuff. i can't swear by accuracy, never measured or researched them, but I think they look good. Ken's a good guy.
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