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KISS van paint help

15 July 2013 - 03:48 PM

Well I finally got my kiss van together "TO BUILD"!!! box stock. I did this kit as a kid and painted it red, if I remember right it was not that great of a color combo so I blew it up.


      It seems most of these kits are sitting in the boxes on shelves and the ones to buy are around $100 bucks. I lucked out and got the van in its original form the Xtasy van kit for $20 delivered and ordered some after market decals from Australia for $15 delivered. and "tada" kiss van to build $35. The Xtasy van only came out one year to my knowledge then they slapped new Kiss decals on it and a cool box and the rest is KISShistory .




Now for the paint QUESTION. I would love to smack the guy that did that paint job for the box art. It is next to imposable to reproduce, I believe it is accomplished by painting the van a base color and after that dries you get a big pan of water and put oil based paint on top of the water then dip it thru the pattern to get that psychedelic paint, I have seen this done with eggs and papers for books. any way its way out of my league. I am thinking of going with a base coat of bright pink and then extra fine pink glitter to simulate metal fleck pink from the 70's. don't know if this will work or not will have to practice on old bodies.




Anny who


1:any suggestions on the paint




2: I can not find one picture any where on the net of this van built. seen some off brands built but not this kit. Do you have any PIC's of this van.





Break time Zingers.

31 May 2013 - 03:58 PM

Just finished these two Zingers, I had done these when I was a kid, (getting nostalgic in my late 40's) I called the Break time Zingers because I did these at work on my 15min breaks. took about week each. It was fun and distracting from the grind of work.

     Almost stock, I dropped the 57 a 1/4 inch in the front and dropped the wheelie bars, added some BMF to the sides. The corvette was a big disappointment when I got it, there was no windshield, ever, and the blower scoop and the ends of the headers were not chromed, so I BMF the scoop and stripped the rest of the chrome on the pipes and went 70's style flat white.








acting lessons for the bad actor I NEED YOUR opinion on a hood

05 May 2013 - 01:24 PM

Well this one is going a little out of my comfort zone body modafacation  wize, but you folks have shared lots of info and gave me cofadenc to try it.
       Heres the plan I have a "Bad Actor" 60's delevery, two old kits with parts missing so I figure I have nothing to lose. The frist body is untuched but yellowed ( I don't think that will matter). The other has a bad paint job, that one will be the doner for extra body panals. I am going to try to fill in the roof, lose the extende panal below the door, new exsaust, mount the front end and open the hood. Then fill in the big tell light and use corvette lights in there place and maybe bumpers too. New 409 engine, and a two town pain job, The front wheels are pegasus and the back deep dish and disk breaks are from a big time trans am dicast I picked up today at mier on clearance for 5 bucks. So There will be other changes and as slow as I am this may take a  coupleof months, but I am going to stick to this one :unsure: (No matter how long it takes)
Wish me luck  Laz

This is lazlow and he is long winded

04 May 2013 - 04:15 AM

I have been here for 6 weeks now, Thought I should let folks know who I is. Right off the bat I know I don't spell so good, get over it and I sometime type in hillbilly language sorry. It has been fun being here with you guys, Its realy pumped me up to get going agin after a 5 year break. lots of frendly and helpfull folks.

  Now what alot of folks have asked about. No lazlow is not my real name its tim. I do not give out my real name on the net. (I am peranoid like that) I was lazlow before lazlow was cool, or in that darn game or on the radio. I became lazlow Scarbrow back in 95 when I started fighting live steel combat around the midwest with a group called the Tnights of Trinaty. One day Lazlow got mail at my house, I heard my wife say oh great, now he's geeting mail whereby  I told my wife that it was just like miracle on 34st. The us goverment reconized lazlow so he is real.

      As for my model building I have been doing it in one form or another since I was 8 when life was simpler and so was my no paint models.  Most of my models are gone now eather given away or destroed do to time, tree moves and one devorce. But Its about the build right. right :( anway glad to be here.

Here are the cars I have left and my newst one that got me going agine.



my frist posted ride http://www.modelcars...wtopic=74269=


This one is box stock, made the hood hings from the ladder bars







box stock except for pipes are alumanm and changed the back rims





I can not rember the years but i built this for a guy who had one but he moved before I got it done. I put the front end off one year on to the back end of the convertabal of another year that had te same tell lights, so it would match his and got the hood from another kit, And wouldn't you know it the year after i did it someone relesed the kit with every thing. not sure what happen to that window, it is seting in an clear box. :wacko: any way




My prize position I built this one when I was 17



Built this one of my sons truck



cub side, a practice in two tone paint


Laz's Fireboom

22 April 2013 - 02:18 PM

      Well this marks the first kit I have done after a five year hiatus, A special thanks to Dwayne for hooking me up with parts that were missing so I could make it almost box stock. And there was another member that pointed me into the right direction the plans but I forgot his name thanks any way. I say almost becuse it came with one 3 types of sirens that (in my openon) did not look good togather, so on Dwayne sugestion I found a 2nd big siren off a cop out on ebay, that had to be modified just a little so they match, then  put some post on both so they would fit in the existing wholes.

     I moved the hose,sprayer, thinging to the back along with the gaug panal and moved the later up. It made more sence to me. The back windows didn'n come close to fitting so I justifide leving them out with the thought that all that heat and fumes had to go some where. I droped the front a scale 3 inchs into the weeds only to find out that was not conceders box stock, whoops. And lastly put a 9 where there was nothing but a whole up front.

   I have started a "box stock" Paddy wagon now, graciously suplyed cheep by Dwayne. Do you sence a them. Thanks agin man, hope to meet you one day.