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In Topic: "Drag Racer" movie, 1971

21 April 2015 - 03:15 PM

Thanks Bill....what a fun way to blow 90 minutes....the "Drag Racer" film wouldn't have kept girlfriends on a movie date very involved, but probably 75% of the footage is real drag racing action (shot at Lions, Long Beach, and Orange County), and fans of this era (circa 1972 or so) will see many real drag cars they'd recognize from the drags and magazine coverage of the same back then.  The brunette is pretty sharp, too! 



In Topic: 1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1

21 April 2015 - 01:28 PM

Apparently, several distributors got an April/May/June release sheet from Revell today showing the ship date as June 29...and the last day for dealer orders as June 10....for what it's worth.  Those of you that still like the kit had best place your reservations soon, if you haven't done so already!   TB

In Topic: 1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1

21 April 2015 - 06:35 AM


Agreed, and too heart-shaped at the inside top as well. Another one of the really important identifiers of this car that should be 100%.






You guys amaze me!  The kit is still several months away, and it's being critiqued already!  


Anyway, after seeing these posts, I pulled out the pictures of the test shot I built a  year ago March and compared it to the picture of the real grille shell directly above, along with the '28/'29 Grille shells past from AMT, MPC, Revell and Monogram kits.  


Turns out that every one of these kit grilles is slightly different in details, but all are reasonably close to the picture.


I agree that the grille shown in the parts tree picture above looks a little egg shaped, but the test shot sample is not egg-shaped at all.  In fact, it looks as close or closer to the full size image above than any of the other grilles, including the "dip" in the center of the upper grille opening.


Mind you, I was told that Revell has made changes and refinements to the kit since I did the test shot project for them, so it is certainly possible that the grille shell may have changed from what I saw.  


Bottom line?  I realize that critiquing future kit releases is a very popular subject on this Form and that it generates a lot of interest and web traffic.  Go ahead and continue to comment and speculate at will...but you (and I, for that matter) may be embarrassed (or not) when you actually get your hands on the real kit in a couple of months.  .    



In Topic: Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite

20 April 2015 - 04:38 AM

Steve, you did a great buildup of this kit that really conveys the subject matter in a positive manner.   I've not seen this one in person yet, but from the pictures of your build, it sure looks to me to be a fine model kit on the way.  TIM 


PS - will be looking forward to the Coulter/Goldman article on this one.  TB 

In Topic: 83-85 T-Bird

16 April 2015 - 01:35 PM

The '83/'84 T-Bird, and (with new interior and other minor changes) '85/'86 T-Birds were a huge favorite of mine. 


I was working for Ford in Northern (Bay Area) and Southern (LA/OC, et al) California when that car was launched in '83 1/2 and it was a huge hit there.  Some LA dealers were selling 80 or 90 of them a month (per dealer).  It took much, much longer to catch on throughout the rest of the country. but it was very influential (in my view) in building public acceptance for the aero design language, and that helped make the Taurus a huge hit pretty much everywhere from the word go when it was introduced in 1986.  


I had a red metallic '83 Heritage 302 company car with the Michelin TRX wheels/tires, then an '84 Turbo Coupe lease car in the pale gold metallic clearcoat (a color placed into production in late 1983, along with the pale blue metallic clearcoat, based in part on my own recommendation to the company).  Followed by '85, '87. and '88 Turbo Coupes.  But my personal favorite was always the '83/'84 Turbo Coupe.  


The easiest way to do this conversion would be to base it on the Monogram '87/'88 Turbo Coupe, which has the basic correct suspension, frame, interior bucket (the IP was carried over from the '85/'86 freshening IIRC), and engine block, with the Monogram '84 Thunderbird ProStock front, rear, and roof/trunk behind the B-pillars grafted onto the '87/'88 body.  Other minor adjustments necessary (wheels, drop the intercooler, interior upholstery patterns, etc).  This would get you a reasonably correct '85/''86 except for the grille insert, which would need to be tweaked to be correct for '85/'86.  To make an '84/'84, you'd need to fab an all-new IP (perhaps you could use some of the ProStock kit as a start) and other interior pieces, and come up with the '83/'84 TC Aluminum Wheels.  


You could also start with the Monogram '84 ProStock kit body and substitute the fenders and wheel lips from the '87/'88 body, but I don't know if the rest of the '87/'88 interior/chassis et al would slip into the Pro-Stock body and fit.  


Not the easiest conversion by any means, but achievable.  BTW...the IRS and revised WB didn't come until the '89 TB which was based on the new MN12 platform, replacing the Fox platform used for '83-'88 (and in an earlier form, '80-82) T-Birds. 


Finally, there was a resin kit conversion of this offered, IIRC, by one of the premiere resin casters of the day, that was reasonably accurate for the time. 


Hope that helps...TB