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  1. the HEI dist is easy to replicate. using the existing dist. the Holley carb in the kit would look okay with a little detailing. the pontiac kit engine problems would only be noticeable to pontiac enthusiasts. you should be able to turn out something decent using kit parts unless you want an auto-trans in it. I have a partially started 10th anniversary version of the kit, so I know what you will be going through. I will be getting some aftermarket snowflakes for mine when I get around to it, never really liked the 10th anniversary style wheels, even on the 1:1 cars.
  2. If there are any shops that offer 3d printed pontiac engines, I would like to hear back from you. I spent around 4 hours searching Shapeways, and while I found lots of fascinating parts... I didn't find any Pontiac engines in any scale, Quadrajet carbs in scales larger than 1/24, or any BOP automatic transmissions in scales larger than 1/24. GM HEI distributors were sadly absent also. There are some large scale Pontiac kits (1/16 and 1/8) that could benefit from the pieces I was not able to find. Camaro to Firebird trans-kits for the larger scales would be welcome also (large scale Foose-Camaro to Firebird trans-kit in particular).
  3. additionally, after spending 4 hours scanning the interwebs, didn't find anyone 3d printing any pontiac engines in any scale (accurate or not). there are BOP type carbs and automatic trans on the market in 1/24 and smaller but nothing for the larger scales.
  4. I was unable to find BOP Quadrajet in 1/16 scale anywhere, Fireball Modelworks has them in 1/24-1/25 scale. (may be able to scale them up but you would need to check) Holley and Weber were available from Shapeways in 1/16 scale. Holley 4bbl was an option on TA's (maybe from dealerships), so you could get one of those from a Shapeways Shop. no joy on the required GM HEI distributor either.
  5. I think my Gremlin turned out better than this nightmare. (currently in "the shop" for "re-finishing")
  6. this is not just out of the box thinking, it's out of several boxes. can't wait to see how this progresses.
  7. electronics suppliers are usually the best option for various wire gauges and colors, I regularly deal with wires from 26awg to 16awg while at work. Junk electronics are the next best (and cheaper) option, busted headphone cords yield smaller wires that can be used for detailing, other wiring is great for larger scales. Remember that it doesn't have to be exactly 1/8 or 1/16 scale wire, it just has to look appropriate for the detail being replicated.
  8. I find the Campesi art to have very inspiring build ideas to explore.
  9. IMHO, pestering the guys trying to get the magazine you so desperately need will only add more time to actual completion and shipping. This continuous "Are we there yet?" is not fair to the guys that do actually have a life, and most likely the magazine is not their sole income. The only thing they owe you is a refund if you request one, they owe you noting on this forum (which, I'm just guessing here, that you don't pay for or help to run).
  10. I bet he's got some nifty wire wheel making jigs. great work, excellent execution.
  11. One interesting point to remind yourselves occasionally, the Human Resources department of any company is there to save the companies arse, not yours. Also, most temp agencies will underpay you no matter how well you perform or how good your skill set is. (I have a jaded view on temp agencies based on my experience with them).
  12. seeing this car has damaged my brain...more...
  13. I too am frustrated by ads overlaying thread titles, a screen refresh (on my PC, using Firefox) cleans that up temporarily but is comes back right away or when I move to a different thread.
  14. Scale-Master (Mark Jones) seems to do a lot of resin bath printing, I suggest messaging him directly in case he doesn't see this thread. You should check out his work also, I believe he has definitely earned the screen name "Scale-Master".
  15. the factory 4bbl carb would most likely be a carter afb (or AVS)... if it really matters. Fireball, sells this style carb.
  16. it may heat up/overheat if you run it slower than designed, due to the cooling fan built into them. that's the only possibility I can think of
  17. your friend could come to arizona and probably buy one of those outright for the amount of the down payment, just have to be able to drive it home and get it registered.
  18. hope your recovery is speedy, that's a hard lesson in being careful.
  19. yes, Randy D sells them when they are in stock.
  20. I think a set of these would look better than the fujimi borrani's
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