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  1. Two of the rarest that I have are the Monogram 1/8th scale Big Drag and Monogram 1/12th scale Mean Maverick. Both are complete and unbuilt and more than likely will never be built.
  2. Dean's Hobby Stop in Owosso, Michigan also buys collections. I have sold to him many times and i feel that he gives a fair price.
  3. I still have two or three sheets. i think I got them from Auto World some time in the mid seventies. I know I didn't get them new as I was born in December 1961.
  4. Between the Revell and Round 2 announcements I can see nothing that I will be buying.
  5. Cool!! I think this is the first time that I have ever seen that kit built factory stock.
  6. Very nice. What color paint is it and what kit are the wheels from?
  7. If I remember correctly, the steering axle was in the original kit and the non-steering, lowered axle was added in the Hot Rod series release.
  8. Somewhere between 100 and 150. At one point I had around 3,000 kits, but sold off most of that ten years ago.
  9. I had both of when they first came out, never built them. Sold them about five years ago. Kind of wish I had kept them.
  10. Awesome work!! One of my favorite cars. I have that and the rally version. I need to get built someday.
  11. Excellent work! Very clean build.
  12. Love both of them! Very clean builds. And Tony, no.
  13. I built it back then and have not seen one since. From what I understand it was the last kit that Tom Daniel designed, at least to that point, for Monogram.. I remember it as being a real nice kit to build. How rare is it? I don't think that it has ever been reissued in that exact version.
  14. Excellent model! Very nice detail. One of my favorite race cars.
  15. Autoworldstore.com also has the deluxe version.
  16. Tamiya Jordan 191 & Kremer Porsche 935 Turbo, both 1/20th scale.
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