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  1. Thanks guys. These are the only other vettes I have in my collection. And they need to be finished also!
  2. That came out really nice. Awesome muscle car!
  3. Thanks! The C3’s were my favorites. I need to find a ‘73 to do the Bill Bixby / Magician TV show Vette.
  4. Hey Guys, Those are some awesome Petty builds! I just wanted to share my Petty builds and pic a really cool old race car book that I got as a kid back in 1974 showing Richard Petty on the cover.
  5. Hey Guys, I wanted to post a pic of the 70 Vette I started. I decided to do this one in enamel because I couldn’t find the green I was looking for in lacquer. I wanted to find a dark met green. I was happy with the results. Haven’t decided on the interior color yet, but I’m leaning toward saddle. I’m definitely doing it as the ZR1 option. It’ll go nice with the 1968 Baldwin Motion Vette! Thanks for looking!
  6. Very Cool! Super Stock & Pro stock, 70’s were my favorite. Drag cars looked liked the street cars!
  7. Very nice tribute to a true champion! It certainly was a bada$$ racecar!
  8. Looks like a cannonball racer! Thumbs up!
  9. WOW! The first pic looked like 1:1 Awesome job!
  10. Nice Pics! Thanks for the compliment on mine. It was a long time coming to finish that one. I’ve been trying to do all my favorite tv/movie cars. Good luck with it!
  11. Just wanted to compliment you on a beautiful Ferrari.
  12. I just heard that Burt Reynolds passed today from a heart attack. He made some great movies. R.I.P. Gator, thanks for the memories.
  13. Look awesome man! I love the B5 and steel wheels!
  14. Look like you’re making good progress. Here’s a few pics of my Gator Custom 500 that I did using the amt police interceptor with a missing link resin kit. I used testors one coat root beer for the color. I know the real car didn’t have the 4 speed, but I couldn’t resist putting it in, along with the shotgun on the front seat! It’s no contest car, but it filled a void in my model movie car collection. Good luck. Any questions LMK.
  15. That’s going to turn out great. I love the laser stripe. Your chassis detail is awesome. Here’s my 70 Torino Cobra... The car that I almost bought as a teen.
  16. That is looking awesome! Great weathering. I’d built this 1/43 diorama for my dad who drove a Willy’s when he served in the Big Red One while stationed in Europe in 1962.
  17. WOW! That is awesome! thanks for the pic
  18. Here’s the paint scheme I did on that dragster. I followed Tim Boyd’s article on this model when I was trying faded paint jobs. I used metal flake blue and red. Good luck!
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