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  1. No problem. I just copied the pic from "Hobby Search" Japan's on line store. They have a lot of pics of instruction sheets, decal sheets etc. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/car/
  2. I picked up the reissues of the '67 911R and '69 911S over the summer. Super happy they've been reissued. One thing though, the small chrome tree with the headlight buckets, door handles and, IIRC, wipers is no longer plated. BTW, anyone have or know where I can get a pair of PORSCHE side decals in orange? I want to do the '67 in light grey with orange decals but the kit only has black.
  3. Can-Con

    '70 Malibu

    I don't think the cowl hood was a stock option on the Malibu either so it's not exactly "factory stock". , , But, no, I did not know that.
  4. Can-Con

    '70 Malibu

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the kind comments especially today as things on my current project are not going as well as I'd like. 🙄
  5. Can-Con

    '70 Malibu

    No, the interior is box stock with some paint detail and flocking.
  6. Cool project William, and very cool 1/1 in your garage. On decals, I thought Indycals had some Mustang decals like your looking for but I don't see any on their site. BUT, I do see they have a decal printing service so that might be of some help.
  7. Can-Con

    '70 Malibu

    I thought I'd repost this one I did about 15 years ago since my current custom Impala project, which should be finished by now is having delays. Anyway, AMT kit with the Malibu trim and vinyl roof added. I did also smooth out the weird extra character lines in the sides before painting. Removed the "SS" emblems and added the "Malibu" specific emblems from a MCG photoetch set. I made the wheel myself and cast a set the tires are from Pegasus. Unfortunately, they don't sell those particular ones any more. Paint is flame red and black Duplicolor lacquer with their clearcoat.
  8. It's not a bad kit for an older one. Everything fits pretty good and goes together easily. Inly drawbacks are the rear pan molded to the back bumper. Makes it difficult to paint it. You'll have to either mask off the bumper or cut the pan free and paint it separately, that what I did. Other thing is the sides of the body have these weird extra character lines that are not there on the actual car. They were always there on the kit though from the time it was first released as a promo. Most people just ignore it but I did smooth them out on mine. The putty on the body in my pic will show you where I mean. And, like I said, most people just ignore it. [btw, I added that extra vinyl roof and Malibu trim to the front fenders and doors myself]
  9. Thanks Eric. I'm not surprised about the interior fitment. That resin looks like it would need the trimming. I'll be using the kit engine so that should be fine. Your car looks excellent. Gives me hope mine will look 1/2 as good.👍
  10. That is odd Roger. I have at least one chassis plate here with single exhaust and the instructions for the original issue of the pickup with the racer's wedge body shows single exhaust in the instructions. Is the one in your pic from the gold truck ?
  11. Mine had a Quadrajet, worked great.
  12. Tom Carter is the person who told me they combined both kits to make the newer AMT. He said he had no idea why they didn't just put the fleetside box in the MPC kit either.
  13. No, the "new grille" is from the reworking from back in the early '90s. The original MPC kits had separate grilles and bumpers while the AMT kits had them as one piece like the newer kits. The "Rolling Thunder" and gold stepside kits are basically the same kit. You can tell the chassis plate from an MPC easily by it's molded in single exhaust system while the AMT kits had duel exhaust. The interior is probably from the MPC kit as the AMT kit had different door panels and a separate console between the seats. I'm pretty sure the cab is from the AMT kit bacause the height of the back windows. The AMT kits were 11mm while the MPC were 12 1/2 mm. The rear window in the newer kit is 11mm. the side trim is all new on the cab. Compare the side marker lights from the MPC and AMT '72. Both now have the upmarket markers but the old MPC kits are done better. As far as the 400 emblems with the small block, Chevy did inded have a 400 small block. My '76 Parisienne had one in it.
  14. I wonder what the story was behind them picking this particular version to kit instead of a standard long box or short box
  15. Same here. Any problems getting the resin to play nice with the plastic parts from the kit?
  16. I will never understand why AMT did what they did with these trucks. The current '72 is a mishmash of this kit and the AMT GMC stepside with a new very poorly done grille. They didn't even get the headlights round. They tooled up a new '72 Chevy grille on the GMC chrome tree and cut a complete new mold for the small block engine. WHY ?? The MPC kit already had both. The interior seems to be from the MPC kit and the chassis plate seems to be the AMT piece stretched to the long wheelbase. I never really took a close look at the cab but I think it's from the AMT kit but don't quote me on that. They would have been much easier just put the new box and underhood details in the MPC kit and had basically the same thing,, but with a much better looking front end. That said, I do now suspect that this MPC kit is mostly intact somewhere but missing it's interior.
  17. Peter, I've seen this conversation played out over many model boards for as long as I've had a computer. There's some people who you just can't make believe red plastic will sometime have dye in it that will bleed out into the paint you put on it. They think for some reason that it's just a matter of the paint being transparent or something and it's just the painter not getting coverage. You'll never convince them that the plastic is actually changing the color of the paint. I've given up trying to convince anyone. I just let them know what has worked for me. What they do with the knowledge is up to them.
  18. I've been using this stuff for about 30 years. [geesh, now I feel old 🤨] works for me. prime first with whatever you usually use. BIN won't stick to bare plastic unless it's primed or completely sanded. Easier to just prime. I comes out of the can like a fire hose so better to decant it and spray with an airbrush. I just use regular rubbing alcohol to thin it and for cleanup. Also blocks hot lacquers. You can spray heavy wet coats of auto lacquer or HOK over it without damaging the plastic.
  19. A couple pics of my 308 with a Tamiya tire/wheel upgrade. What a great looking kit. Hopefully, they will be reissued sometime soon. Great little "cleansing the pallet" kit for between more involved builds.
  20. Here's a "gleaming Western Bullet wheel" Spelled right, wrong wheel. 😁
  21. ,, except that hood was in a Revell kit before, albeit a snap kit. It did fit the glue kits though. Since the new release is supposed to be an SS, I bet the "new wheels" to be included in the kit will be another set of Magnum 500s. ,,or in GM nomenclature, the "SS wheel". I wonder what engine it wil have ,, probably another big block. It'd be nice to see a non-Z-28 small block though. Wasn't '69 the first year for the "SS 350"?
  22. Had a couple pinhead spots in the paint on the roof. Just big enough to bother me so I tried to just touch them up but ended up sanding through the candy coats in a couple spots. So I repainted the whole roof. It came out a touch darker in the center but since it's a fade, it's more acceptable than a couple spots in the paint. Plus it gave me a chance to repair the sunken seam just above the windshield.
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