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  1. Just the way they paginated and printed magazines back then. Color was more expensive to print and a waste on pages with all text, so the magazine was broken down into sections. Depending on how it was bound you could have a b/w page in the middle of a bunch of color pages.
  2. The only thing missing is the rickety suspension bridge.
  3. Here’s the photo reminder... also if you have the eBay sellers name that would be great. I did a few passes through eBay but didn’t have any luck finding them. Thanks again
  4. I think there was lighting in one of the original sets with walls, that would explain the battery box.
  5. Always looking for a good Baja bug (and wheels) where did you find yours?
  6. Just scored two kits on my bucket list in one lot, a Monogram SWB Land Rover and a Cheetah. Price for the lot was probably about what I would have paid for the two individually, and I’ll load the Panteras and a couple others back up on eBay, so I think I got a good deal. The LWB Land Rovers look decent so I might clean them up for display and unload the unbuilt ones in my stash as well.
  7. Need to find some scale eagle beaks.
  8. Cloth might be a good start, like a fine weave burlap, or something similar. Maybe cheese cloth?
  9. I’ve always had good luck with USCP, Scale Production, Spot Model, Czech Truck and a couple other European suppliers. Usually 3-4 week delivery. Just got tires from SP and USCP today.
  10. I’d like someone to correct me if I’m wrong, but that looks more show than go. I imagine the lag having such a large turbo on a what’s maybe a 3 liter at most, probably less, would be huge. You’d be half way down the track before it kicked in. Same with the jumbo carb, wouldn’t you need to jet it down to nothing to keep it from flooding? Most setups I’ve been around have two small turbos and Weber’s or something designed for smaller engines.
  11. Thanks guys. The New Ray Peterbilt was a good lead but they are pretty clunky. I ordered some 1/10 rc Range Rover mirrors that look like they might work if I flip them 90* and swap sides. I’ll post if it works, of course all the time I’ve spent looking I could have scratch built some by now.
  12. I’m looking for modern aerodynamic big rig mirrors, sometimes I’ve seen them called bus mirrors. Haven’t had any luck searching the usual places, does anyone know of any aftermarket ones?
  13. Have you thought about narrowing the bumpers a bit to bring the ends in tight to the body or do they fit well as is?
  14. Watch the hpiguy on YouTube, you’ll get plenty of god tips on building a nice looking model using spray paints.
  15. Thanks Peter. Just grabbed some of the 4oz ball jars from wmart, also going to try these bottles. The nozzle seems ideal for airbrush filling, but I’m not sure if they will seal well for long term storage.
  16. I have a bunch of old testers spray cans getting rusty, thinking I should decant them soon. What is a good size jar to use, i.e. how much paint comes out of one of those? 2oz, 5oz?
  17. Is this off of the 1/24 or 1/16 kit?
  18. First Gear did have a blank white one out last year, I was about to get one ( I think it was around $50-60) when this popped up for an unusually low bid. Hopefully one will pop up on eBay for you. Not to get sidetracked but I got a first gear 60’s (?) International pick up to repaint and add the service bed from the mobius ford to recreate my grandfather’s Burlington Route lineman’s truck.
  19. Yup that’s where I got it. I just noticed in the photos that the rear wheels have a deeper dish than the front. I like how they made the flower wheels from the cartoon actually look cool. Kind of silly but I’m impressed by this thing.
  20. Jada finally got the scale right and it’s on the Mystery Machine. Looks as close to 1/25-1/24 as any cartoon car could. Sorry about the messy desk, but I thought this was too nice not to share. 1/25 NAPA van for size comparison. One interesting thing about it is the body is two pieces along the belt line,would be easy to make a mystery pickup.
  21. Couldn’t find a picture of my super beetle with the duck tail, but I did find photos of my favorite bug and it might qualify to be here. This is an early pic not to long after I got it, the previous owner added a suitcase motor from a 914. I lowered it, grafted an early bug sunroof on and bumped the engine up to a 2.4. It had a four barrel carb, don’t remember what size or make. Later on I got a bunch of smooth radius 180* bend pipe from JC Whitney, measured, marked them up for a set of RS style headers. Local muffler shop welded them up and I bolted a set of Super Trapps to them. It was a fast, loud, go cart death trap, and I wish I never parted with it.
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