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  1. Thanks. Not much time to build lately but its coming together. Was able to get the chassis together today. Still need to work on the interior.
  2. That is looking outstanding!
  3. Very nice. Love the engine detail.
  4. Slow slow progress on this one. Little bit of engine work done. Still need to get the interior going.
  5. First coat. Testors hot pink over black.
  6. Absolutely stunning. I love your work. Excellent!
  7. thecrossguy

    Honda F1

    Pretty neat little car.
  8. Well after 3 years it is finally done. And I am glad with the way it came out. My original plan was to do an all black car but I decided on blue. Shaved door handles and all molds are gone. Only decal is on the air cleaner. The wheels, interior and suspension components are gun metal. I don’t remember what the wheels are other than aoshima and I can’t seem to find them now. They basically had to be cut in half to fit. Suspension is lowered some. Tires are from the revell 1950 Ford F-1 2 in 1 kit.
  9. Yes I believe it was the monogram kit that you are referring to?
  10. While I wait for some bmf for my copo build I pull out the 59 eldorado and put it on the work bench. Nothing special with this one. Basically a box stock build. Wired engine. Hot pink over black which will give it...well let me dig up a picture of a convertible I built a few years ago.
  11. So close to calling this one done. Just need to get some bmf
  12. And interior complete.
  13. Should get the interior mostly completed today.
  14. Nice work. Man I’m tired I thought it was a mustang for half a second.
  15. So I've come to the conclusion that the wheels I have for this project are just simply to big. I've thought about cut the wheel so it is more narrow but then what do I do about the tires? This is becoming more of a headache then anything. Guess I will look for some smaller wheel perhaps...and a chassis. I went through my parts box and found some tires that may work. They are from the revell 1950 Ford F-1 kit. Gonna try that and see what happens.
  16. Slow going but its going. Got the chassis painted and assembled. Here is a mock up. I put the slicks on but these wheels make them bulge out and doesn’t look right. What do you guys think of this?
  17. Nice job. Love the color combo. I just finished up the 67 from mpc. What a headache that was.
  18. Alright so my original plan was to keep this as close to realistic as possible, but with the chassis and wheels I have that is not possible. So I am think of using the chassis from the 66 nova pro street kit as it is tubbed and will give me much more room to work with front and rear.
  19. Your work is ridiculous... in a good way 🤓
  20. Thanks David. I spray testors and HOK. Over the years I’ve noticed that with testors if you sand it down with 3200 it lays very well. I generally don’t use primer but with this one I did as there was some body prep, which also got sanded before spraying the blue.
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