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  1. Yeah, but you guys are all over the place. And deep into catalogs too. I'm gonna keep trying 🎼🎶✌️
  2. It's good thing that we in New Jersey speak perfect English.
  3. JerseyRed

    Race shop

    My first impression was that it was a little too busy but as I looked closer everything belongs there. It really looks like a working shop. Thumbs up, definitely a nice job.
  4. That's a mean looking machine! It looks like a good kit. How'd it go together?
  5. Ok, but you do admit that many of you substitute F for Th as in: Fanks for the compliment.
  6. Just to let everyone know Hobby Lobby has free shipping today on orders over $59.00. I just started looking but I'm not seeing anything to my liking yet. I thought maybe people that don't have one nearby or can't get there might be interested. p.s. There's also 20% off model kits on the site too.
  7. Thank You! I was going to ask this. I thought people were saying it wrong.
  8. WOW!!! Very impressive build.
  9. Great stuff, especially the paint. What are the paint details on the Grand Prix and Edsel? I love those colors.
  10. You were north of me, I'm in Spotswood right next to East Brunswick in central NJ. How did you end up in Alaska?
  11. Dave is correct. I found this description of the '57 Ford Country Squire trim at http://auto.howstuffworks.com/1950-1959-ford-country-squire7.htm A modified version of the 1955-56 Country Squire's fiberglass framing was employed, but the wood-toned Di-Noc shed the horizontal plank look. Side-window frames and the upper tailgate continued to copy the look of wood grain.
  12. Not really a NASCAR guy, but I can appreciate quality builds when I see them. Great work!
  13. All are great! Partial to the '65 Chevy 4x4 though. I have the '66 Chevy pickup that I'm hopefully going to make into a wrecker. Great stuff.
  14. Nice stuff. Some interesting, different builds. Love the matching '57 Fords though, very cool.
  15. I feel very lazy just watching your productivity.
  16. This is really cool. We had a camper exactly like this when I was a kid. Ours was on a '66 Ford pickup. Your details are fantastic already. I can't wait to see how far you take it.
  17. Man, you guys put up some tough songs. I might be out of my league.
  18. Nice build. Is the hood operable or is that it? Just wondering because it's another one on my list and I would prefer to be able to open it to see the motor if I do all that work.
  19. It's hard to tell, does the interior/seats match the pinstripes? It all looks great!
  20. Still very bright even on a cloudy day. Looks very cool!
  21. This one keeps tempting me too. Looking forward to the rest.
  22. That's going to look great.
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