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  1. Oh yes... good preparation is the key to good results
  2. Thanks Rex... It certainly is a lot more work doing all the pictures etc. for a WIP, pretty much doubling my overall time in this build and caused me to get a little bit anxious about getting some more progress posted. However, now that I’ve posted the first part of my build I’ve realized I just need to relax. Nothing good’s gonna’ come out of rushing through something right?
  3. Awesome! Glad to hear of people liking it. Yes, the guitar string is something I’ve heard others mention here, though I’ve never tried it myself yet.
  4. I think the scoops looking off is just a lighting illusion
  5. Mentioned at the bottom of this board along with all the current online users is one that says “anonymous”. Just curious who those individuals represent???
  6. That’s a really cool concept Doc... and the finished product is very fun to look at. Im curious, what is the particular brown paint you used on that steering wheel?
  7. Thanks Ray. No, I have never noticed any brittle joints with this glue. I do have a bottle of it that’s over 10 years old which has yellowed with age, but has never, ever clogged inside the applicator nozzle. That made me a believer.
  8. Those are both very nice, but I particularly like the light blue one! Mine is the ‘66 model
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