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  1. Well it looks great, especially with the high gloss applied over the top👍
  2. First time browsing through trucks here and came across this one..Amazing!... So fun to look at all the incredible detail.... Very clean, nicely done work. Can’t imagine how much time goes into some of these trucks..wow!
  3. My first time on here looking at big trucks- I’m always in the cars. Man, this thing really is cool I must say! Great paint, and details...it looks very real, I love the careful balance of weathering and cleanness. Super!! -I am interested in knowing how you got the mottled wood effect on the dash and steering wheel ???
  4. Thanks Rex...lovin’ the vibe of those vintage photos! As for the build, the parts have been fitting together beautifully so far except for the driveshaft was a bit too long, but that’s a simple fix with the x-acto. There was a problem with the four wheel axle ends... After all the parts were glued into place, I noticed that the four axle ends were clearly out of alignment (not parallel) with each other.🤔 All the other parts were a perfect fit like puzzle pieces, so it wasn’t because I’d done something wrong. I tried to slightly bend two of them and each one snapped,🤭... it actually ended
  5. Hi all, So, after having to modify the cold air box and getting it installed, I re-cut the Venturi tubes and reinstalled the carbs and put some fuel injection lines in and made some throttle springs. I changed the oil filter from blue to white since blue ones don’t seem to exists in any of the old photos I’ve seen.. (I’m not really trying to be spot on accurate with this build, but I’d like to at least stay in the ballpark.) Looking at my own photos, made me want to clean things up a bit, so I removed the brushed on paint from the valve covers and sprayed them instead, and while I was at
  6. The days that I hate the most here are when it’s about 25F, but the wind is ripping along at about 45 mph with gusts of 60+. Happens all the time in the winter here!🙁
  7. Hahaha..... you guys! Winter in Tennessee.... C’mon😂
  8. It is certainly a “glue bomb”. There are big globs holding the suspension parts together. I know I could make it awesome again, but I have way cooler things to work on at least for the next year or so, one of which is a fresh Revell Cobra.
  9. My thought is ditch the mesh thing (it’s not noticeable in the real pic), respray the piece in matte black, add a bit more yellow to the color and dilute it down quite a bit and spray it over the black.
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