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  1. How did I miss this ? outstanding Michelle ! beautiful.
  2. I saw that, and am ashamed to say , I thght it was cooll. only because,,,,,,
  3. you have my email address, if I can help with any parts let me know.

  4. I've been tossing Original Kit Parts into the recycle bin, forever. Now I'm thinking what a waste. I have a ton of respect, I'm sorry to say new found respect, for the skilled craftsman who restore those glue bombs hacks like me have been building since we were kids. There have been many amazing rescues, rehabs, and restorations on this site. After some exchanges here I've come to realize the Value in many of the parts I've carelessly tossed. Like a one piece chassis plate, or an interior tub. Things I will never use but might be just what some ones been looking for to complete a resto. or just a build. It should've been obvious, even to me. Having built five shelf models from junk parts boxes,( one mans trash) I'll be hanging on to those parts now, and watching the wanted board.
  5. looks so easy. just cut n paste. I said LOOKS easy. nice work so far.
  6. You've brought more to this site with 2 threads than I have in 180 posts. Shine on ! You are another one of those builders that just make things LOOK sooooo easy. Kudos
  7. I'm looking, I've got the 66 nova engine compartment, and the 50 ford pu parts. Only the seats, head rests, dash, and steering wheel for the 72 gto. The 67 chvl prostrt chassis plate.
  8. Nice restyle Michelle. you were right ,it doesn't look like a camaro
  9. I'm looking, I've got the 66 nova engine compartment, and the 50 ford pu parts. Only the seats, head rests, dash, and steering wheel for the 72 gto. The 67 chvl prostrt chassis plate. For the 50 f1. Do you need the complete chassis/suspension?
  10.  I'm putting a package together for you.      The 59 dodge  body, clear, wheels/tires, bumpers, and dash. ONLY                 do you still want it ?

  11. UH HUH ! That FE looks no more out of place than that thing in the kit. yeah I noticed, but I didn't want to be critical. I was wondering, when I was trying to think of something NICE to say, If this were a case of the emperors new clothes. !
  12. This topic is fascinating, some of the changes made are like watching a train wreck, you wince but can't look away.
  13. It might seem that I just want to stick my thumb in the eye of the collector, but I like to fill gaps in my collection of BUILT models. Ok yeah the thumb thing, but its not even a consideration when I buy a rare or unusual kit. I just finished an AMT 68 cougar, and tried to buy an overpriced "hens tooth" 69 Javelin, to build, not horde. such a waste right. If only I knew what I was lookin' at. In my estimation, its the collectors who drive the market, sitting on "a few " of this or that, until they decide to sell for whatever they can get. In the mean time, I'm gonna go slather some glue on the glass, and make sure that NO part of the kit is usable to a collector. look on e bay, these guys are parting out "collectable kits" a part at a time, bumper ten bucks a tail light five bucks and so on. This rant is not directed at Builders who "restore" models, although they no doubt feel the pinch when they try to replace parts that hacks like me have irrevocably damaged. sorry for that. not
  14. let me know if you are still looking for that hood. I know I've got one, and I'll mail it
  15. Outstanding ! I've got our local ma ma rosa's meatballs in the oven right now.
  16. Great name ! I'm still struggling with mine.
  17. BUILD IT, cut it, mold it, shape it, paint it. Its only plastic. Collectors cringe, but that rare kit, just became even more rare, and the price goes up. I'm not a collector, but a hated builder. I had a guy refuse to sell me his 68 mpc impala, because I would build it ie ruin it.
  18. WOW. I think you've stumbled on a gold mine with this kit. Unless you have the scratch $$$$ for that grill, you should try your hand at scratch building this part.
  19. pm me and I'll send you a "lft frnt fender for an AMT 37 chevy. I love the cars.
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