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  1. I need a Ford flathead green. And it has to be a Tamiya spray. Only because my living arrangement makes airbrushing difficult. So, take a look at the pic below. Tamiya military colors I took a few years back at a hobby shop. Anyone familiar with the selection? Is there any one Tamiya color I could drive back there to get? EDIT: Those "AS-" tags may be for the shelf above; not in the pic.
  2. With the right modifications, that "Sweathog's Dream Machine" has possibilities. Replace the pie plate headlights, and the wide whites. Give it a full roof. Don't know what the back looks like.
  3. "There are CA accelerators specifically designed to safely set the CA glue. Why not use those?" And THAT is the money shot! On to my hobby shopping list it is. Thanks, Peteski!
  4. Two things I would like to add, if I may. Sometimes I have trouble gripping the X-Acto handle, so I tried holding a raw #11 blade between my finger & thumb. It seemed to help. Second idea, tho mentioned by others already, is to use a metal ruler to cut a length of BMF. Apply like you would with pinstripe tape. This is more suited for straight chrome trim, tho I suppose it could be used around windows and such. Only after it is in place where you like it, do you then burnish it. Good luck with experimenting.
  5. Well, tho off topic, but we ARE talking baking powder, I use it as a glue setting. Especially for superglue. Would the moisture absorbency be an issue there?
  6. Probably a good thing I didn't ask for an up-top, then?
  7. If I don't, someone else will.
  8. Something went "ping!" in the ol' memory bank when I saw this pic. Think I built it as a kid. And that is all I need to want it again. Will a reissue happen?
  9. All new tooling? Please let that include clear headlight lens.
  10. Awesome little speedster. Is that an ICM kit? Check the box, I think the country of origin is the Ukraine. I'm not sure we will ever see these again.
  11. Possibly the first time I have seen this kit built as a jaw dropper.
  12. Wondering if the new 2022 Audi E-Tron GT will be sink hole city like some of Revell-Germany's more recent foreign cars? Sure, I can fill & sand, or, I could look at all the kits I already have, and say "nah".
  13. December must watches: Christmas Vacation Polar Express Scrooged The Santa Claus (all 3) Home alone Die Hard
  14. I would be very surprised if there is any molding changes. Expect the same kit as before. Maybe if lucky, new decals.
  15. It's a car. That comes in a kit. So... This almost full-size Tamiya model isn't just for kids - Hagerty Media
  16. I think people should be aware, Chris lost his wife last month due to Covid. This I learned from his Facebook account. I feel for the man. To have to run a small business, while grieving a personal loss, must be such a hardship.
  17. Only interested in building a garbage truck if I enter it in a contest with a nice fresh, smelly load of garbage in the back. I call it "ultimate detailing."🤮
  18. I would definitely go for the Rat Fink Int'l truck. Not for $70+, but otherwise, sure. Also, may have a Rat Fink figure included. Just a guess. It certainly implies more than just decals.
  19. Just came across my photo of Derrike Cope's Chevy Lumina. Showed it to him at Boston World Of Wheels the year after he won Daytona. He liked it, signed it (hood was off car at the time). It sits at the bottom of my display case.
  20. Several quality reference photos of the 1:1 Mooneyes here: The Mooneyes Dragster: Cloning Our Heros | DrivingLine
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