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  1. Two amps, two 12” subs, 4 speakers, and 2 tweeters in the dash... you could open the doors, walk back a couple hundred feet, and still hear the music clearly. Excellent scratch building and the body colored bumpers and grille for sure give it that early 90’s look.
  2. Beautifully done. I like the contrast in color and the satin gold wheels.
  3. I have a few chew toys around the house to dissuade my lab from getting a taste for styrene. She gets to chew, I get to glue.
  4. Not all of us have Alclad chrome and an airbrush. Especially not the average joe who sees a kit at Hobby Lobby and decides to give modeling a try. I find that most kit chrome looks more realistic than painted on chrome anyway. The only issue I see with chrome in kits are sometimes poorly positioned sprue attachment points.
  5. Alright Steve. You’ve had your fun, now show us the shrink ray.
  6. Now that’s cool. I really dig the paint and transparent spoiler. The bodywork is great.
  7. Thanks gentlemen. I would’ve put the chrome badge on the trunk but I think my carpet ate it. Bob, for a rustoleum paint, this enamel laid on really nice. You oughta try it through your airbrush. Even spraying it out of the can I hardly got any orange peel.
  8. Well if I had money, I’ll tell ya what I’d do, I’d go downtown and buy a tank of gas or two. Crazy ‘bout that gasoline. Lord I’m crazy ‘bout that gasoline. Had a few AMT stock Merc chrome parts and decided to put them on this one. Paint is Rustoleum smoke gray enamel. Added tail pipes, the two trim pieces on the back glass, used UV nail polish on the headlights, and lifted the ride height closer to stock.
  9. At least with the Avalanche and Aztek, one could option one without the cladding after the first model year or so (not that it helped curb the ugliness emanating from the Aztek). As for plastic cladding on bumpers and around the wheel wells, we’d better get used to it. The people who are in the market for crossovers and lifted wagons (Outbacks) usually don’t care if the car’s uglier than a duck’s rear end as long as the salesman calls it sporty and active. If some plastic cladding slapped on your car makes Jennifer feel like a mountain climber, then she’s going to use it as an escapism for her suburban life and kids.
  10. Great job. Nice choice on the paint color. WWs came out pretty nice too.
  11. Cool stuff. Is the Suburban a resin piece or did you scratch build the body?
  12. I hope the Ukrainian people prevail over this tragedy. I believe Roden is a Ukrainian company as well. They had just released their GMC bus kit a little bit ago.
  13. I’ve got a 70’s release of the AMT ‘49 Merc molded in an off-white, slightly tan plastic. I didn’t notice any difference in durability or flexibility compared to normal white styrene though. So I sure wouldn’t be worried if kit manufacturers started blending in more recycled beads again to help combat the rising cost of plastic.
  14. I think it looks like they set out on a road trip, and two states later remembered that they left the heater on back home.
  15. This one’s to tease those of you who are in SoCal. Behold, railroad tracks without hordes of trash littered all over.
  16. Bodystyle of the Bronco next to it was 1978-79 only. Second fuel crisis was in ‘79.
  17. How about 10 gal. limits, odd license plates only, fuel limited to regular customers, closed every other day, and a sea of apologetic letter signs. “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
  18. The Loves station I use jumped 50 cents in two days.
  19. Haha. One time I answered an extended warranty call and started doing a Hank Hill impression. He hung up after I told him he should consider looking into buying some propane and propane accessories.
  20. I wonder how crossover SUVs will retain their popularity when gas hits ten bucks a gallon. Too bad that domestic sedans, coupes, and wagons all but faded from the marketplace not that long ago.
  21. Are you meaning to tell me that there’s not an extended warranty program on my 19-year-old pickup?
  22. Here’s another, ‘53 Dodge 2dr hardtop with the 241 c.i. red ram V8. That was the first year Dodge started using a hemi. The rest is history.
  23. By starting a bunch, that way I just work on whatever I’m in the mood to work on and I don’t have to spend much time debating what to start next.
  24. The good thing about the Mustang II was its front suspension.
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