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  1. Tim, I've been following you're stuff for a very long time. Awesome.
  2. Looking good. Nothing like 4 girls in the back of a VW !
  3. Nice! I just said to my wife. " checkout the model this guy is building"
  4. Try Krylon Crystal Clear. Nice looking build!
  5. Looking good! The engine look's good but was way low. Keep it going. later
  6. rock 'n' roll ! I can't wait to see how the soft top looks.
  7. Nice man. The lake pipes are looking good on it.
  8. I would like to differ. I remember {won't say the guy's name} a " B-A" straight black SS/BA ';65 Dodge...nasty hemi and alumiinum fenders back then. Later
  9. Excellent rundown on gassers, man. and nice-looking '57!
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