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  1. timc added a topic in Wanted!   

    Cannonball Decals
    I am wondering if anyone will be making the decals for this years cannonball run buildoff? It is the tenth year anniverary and the Brock Yates tribute. I would like to get three sets if possible. I can cover the costs for 3 sets and shipping. PM me if you can help. Thanks bigtim
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  2. timc added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Is anyone going to produce the decals for the sides of the vehicles?
    I would like to get a set to use on a couple of entries. If I can get the decals I'll enter the build off.
  3. timc added a post in a topic NAME 1 ARTIST   

    Justin Johnson. Look him up on you tube. Great master guitarist.
    Nathaniel Ratcliff and the Night Sweats. Great feel good music.  Can also be fount on you tube.
    Also check out Seasick Steve on you tube.
  4. timc added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got one of the new Revell Broncos, a bottle of Vallego  blue grey wash and a set of glue shiringes. With the up coming holidays I will have time to get something done on the bronco.
  5. timc added a post in a topic Humvee   

    It is 1/25 scale. Most people dont realize that most all the military lights and markers are on the civilian bodys. The interior is a whole different story though.
  6. timc added a post in a topic Humvee   

    There is a full on glue kit of these. It is made by MENG. It is not the fastback though. It is the full station wagon roof. There is a review of it here somewhere.
  7. timc added a post in a topic Want to build a replica of my 67 Corvette   

    The 327 can be found in the revllogram 1964 impala kits. The rally wheels as snake said. I would go with the 67 coupe corvette kit just to have extra vette parts on hand.
  8. timc added a post in a topic Air line colors   

    If I can help answer any questions  give me a yell.
  9. timc added a post in a topic Air line colors   

    I work at Utility Trailer Mfg. The above info is correct.  Here is some helpful info too. Standard airline size is 3/8 od, some companies order 1/2 inch airlines. 5/8 airlines are either black or a lime green color. ABS harness are orange from where they drop out of the raceway to the rear sub assembly.( rear axles).
    Brake cans or actuators are black with silver or gold 1/2 caps. Ours are never painted, DOT regulations on that part.
    On our trailers the electric and airlines run down the center on reefers and down the roadside on dry vans.
    Roadside = drivers side or left side
    Curbside = passenger side or right side
    It was confusing at first but after a while it is not left or right it is road and curb. I catch myself doing alot especially when people look at you like what the heck did you say. My wife is used to it now after 19 years with Utility.
  10. timc added a post in a topic This is a joke, right?   

     I too will not get those 2 1/2 mins of my life back. Good way to showcase sloppy building and how to apply too much glue.
  11. timc added a post in a topic The Take-A-Turn Torino Project   

    Sounds like a lot of people have been duped on this one.
  12. timc added a post in a topic Scale Finishes Moving Sale, Anyone got their stuff yet?   

    You know everyone hits hard times and bashing them about it does not help. You dont judge someone untill you have walked in thier shoes.  Maybe he is having some financial difficulties from the move and trying to start over. 
    I believe he will make everything right with all customers that have orders.
    I am no way connected with this company, just tired of all the repeat bashing.
  13. timc added a post in a topic Revell Red Lines   

    AMT redline tire parts pack. I dont know if they will fit the monogram wheels though.
    This is just a suggestion not intended to offend or make anyone mad.
  14. timc added a post in a topic Mustang Upgrade   

    I dont get the douchbag comment
  15. timc added a post in a topic Mustang Upgrade   

    It is just repopped sheet metal. No original mustang body was injured in building his car. He is a good rally driver and probably the best drift driver around. I find the graphics ok and not offensive. At least he is showing his pride in America.
    But I geuss you would have to be a fan of what he does to understand it. I'm 46 years old and I like it.