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  1. timc added a post in a topic Does CA glue go bad??   

    Well I might be the exception. I have been using the same bottle of loctite 454 for about 4 years now. No problems with it that I have noticed. It is the industrial thick gel type. I put what I need on an old pringles lid and close the bottle immediately. Then I use tooth picks to apply it to parts. It dont fog chrome or windows either. Might be hard to find outside of industrial suppliers.
  2. timc added a post in a topic Revell '30 Ford coupe builder's note ...   

    If you look close. The mounting bracket is there. Its the flat part between the two pulleys, which would put it mounting to the front of the blower shaft. As shown in some of the 1/1 pictures, where the idler pulley is closer to the blower.
  3. timc added a post in a topic Moebius 69 pick up frame question   

    Ok thanks. That is what I thought it was. Any ideas on an easy way to lower the front?
  4. timc added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Rattle cans leaking
    Tonite I found a brand new can of testors one coat stuck to the shelf. There was a transparent green goo around the can. When I picked it up the can felt like it had been used , but the wrapper was sealed. I cut the wrapper off ant saw the seam on the side of the can had a little rust on it. The room temp is always around 65-70 degrees year round. Could it just be a bad can?  The color was deja-blue one coat.  It just seems wierd. Has any one else had this happen?
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  5. timc added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Moebius 69 pick up frame question
    I have looked but cant find the thread about the crossmember attachment problem. Does anyone know or can tell me what was wrong. Did the instructions have it being put in backwards? Or should it be attached to the frame first instead of the floor pan?  Please help I am just getting started on my first 69 truck. I am also thinking of lowering the front by relocating the spindles higher up. Will that work?  Thanks in advance bigtim.
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  6. timc added a post in a topic Kid Stuff   

    Coins are not magnetic.
  7. timc added a post in a topic 1961 Chrysler 383   

    Bill, Have you thought about a Ross Gibson engine?  I have the 383 with the long ram intakes and carbs. It looks to be from the right era.  But as with R G's passing they might be a little hard to find. I hope this helps bigtim.
  8. timc added a post in a topic Airbag recall... giant PITA!   

    I have a 2013 chevy silverado that has a total of 6 air bags in it. Hope this misses me. 2 front in dash and 2 in roof over doors and 1 in each seat side towards the doors. Like evryone else I try not to hit anything.
  9. timc added a post in a topic Mercedes AMG GT-R   

    I like it. Brute power and speed isn't supposed to be pretty.
  10. timc added a post in a topic Best Ford 390 engine   

    The 67 Cyclone kit has,the powered by ford valve covers in it. The 66 fairlane kits have two completely different engines. The gta has the 390, the 427 has a 427 engine. Im pretty sure that the engine blocks are the only thing they share.the fairlane 390 also has the pbf valve covers.
  11. timc added a post in a topic AMT '67 Impala SS   

    Sorry did not notice the B missing from box. Now can we see pics of whats in the box? Would like to know before I drop the money for another kit.
  12. timc added a post in a topic AMT '67 Impala SS   

    Any one care to post pics of whats in the  ox please.
  13. timc added a post in a topic Current issue   

    Ok thanks Craig.
  14. timc added a topic in General   

    Current issue
    Hello all. I was just wondering what the current issue number is? The last one I got is number 200. My sub ran out and been getting them from the LHS .  Hate to miss one.
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  15. timc added a post in a topic Favorite Ozzie band?   

    AC/DC with Bon Scott not the other guy.
    Midnight Oil and INXS are both good too.